Monday, April 29, 2013

Want to See My Home?

So the plan is to move this summer. Which necessitates selling our home. In order to do that we had to take some photos. I thought it would be nice to share. Lets have a tour shall we?

The front of our home. I painted that trim this morning. Captain built it last Saturday. We are epic procrastinators.

Look our home has numbers again. It has been a year since those were up.

The side of our home is particularly lovely with the multiple siding colors.

This is the back yard, or as I like to call it, the child prison.

The parlor is the only room in the house that stays clean all the time. At least, that is the theory.

I made that print over the piano. It is the sheet music to the song Captain and I danced to at our wedding.

Captain and I made the world map. Apparently giant Star Wars posters don't make the cut for staging the house, so we put that together this weekend.

The red on the front door took 2 tries to get right. This particular one is from home depot, the martha stewart line. I bought a whole gallon, which is WAY more than you need for a door. I have used it every where.

This is our hallway. I'm not really a fan of hallways, but this was a nice place to display family photos while we were here. Also, it used to be orange with teal trim.

Here you can see my fancy pants new litter box. It is camouflaged as a pie safe. It was a Christmas present from my hubby.

These doors are closet sized. Captain hits his head on them at least once a week. There is much suffering.

This is my bedroom.

There is not a lot in it, but I like it that way. It is much easier to keep clean than the kid's room.

I pulled out the closet doors and replaced them with curtains.

The kid's room is not gender neutral. That is because until a month ago, they had separate rooms. Harvey doesn't seem to mind, or even notice all the pink.

I made the curtain 2 years before making the roman shade. Sometime my sewing projects take a while to finish.

Cecilia's crib never ever looks like this. She likes to sleep on top of ALL the blankets.

The new bathroom in all its unused glory.

Want to know a secret? Somehow the faucet flanges were thrown out, so we still have to go buy some new ones. Captain is doing that as we speak. I tricked him into taking Harvey with him. Cecilia is napping.  I have the house to myself right now.

I guess this is now the guest room/ play room. Captain's quilt gets to act and an impromptu slip cover.

See, I told you I used that red paint everywhere.

We moved our  bug collection from a poster board into those shadow boxes. It looks much less creepy now, and the bugs are safe from loosing limbs.

The closet on this room is big enough to hold another child. But so far we haven't had a reason to put one in there.

The kitchen looks empty now without the island.

Emptier without the tv and all the dvd's.

The fish tank made the cut though! I would like to point out hat captain raised those top cabinets so I could put a fish tank in that spot. Okay, so we would have raised them anyway, but it turned out kinda perfect.

This kitchen comes with a giant pantry.

We put this dresser in the hallway to give some storage for the bathroom. Otherwise we would have no place for our towels.

This is our other new bathroom. We went a little fancier with the tile this time.

The walls are the same color, as is the kitchen and the guest bedroom. What can I say, when i find a color I like I stick to it.

Lastly, our family room.

It also seems empty now that we have removed 2 chairs, bigger though.

That poor plant hanging has almost died once a month since I put it up. I am terrible at keeping house plants alive. Captain is the only reason it never fully fell apart.

This side has really tall ceilings. It made it difficult to paint. I'm trying to convince Captain to go up on a ladder and touch up the ceiling paint now. We will see if he cooperates.

This is the layout of our home, more or less to scale. We will miss it, but I am excited to move closer to family and to be really truly grown ups.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cute Kids

Cecilia found a snack.

Harvey sings a song for you.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Siblings Class

I took the kids to a class at the hospital where they learned about the new baby.

It went about as well as I expected.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finger Paints

Since the weather is so nice, I let the kids do some finger painting outside. Finger painting is clearly not an inside activity.

I gave Harvey specific instructions to paint only the paper. I did not want paint on the deck. Next time, we will paint in the grass.

Cecilia mostly painted herself. Harvey helped her out, like any big brother would. Just like he unlocks the gate so she can open it whenever she wants.

To be honest, Harvey only looks cleaner than Cecilia because I took his clothes away about 30 seconds before taking the photo. They needed to soak overnight.

By the way, thanks to the wonderful Auntie who sent these paints as a Christmas present. It is definitely not something I would have otherwise tried.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yeay Spring Finally!

Words are failing me today. Just enjoy the photos or our first day of nice weather.