Thursday, May 31, 2012


SOOoooo that happened. Most of you have heard about it by now, but for those who haven't. I steeped on a bee shooing a dog away from Ginka. I watched its guts fall out as I limped back into the house. Cecilia thought the whole thing was HIGH-larious. I however, did not.

Apparently I am more allergic to bees now than when I was a kid. I had a whole body reaction about 12 hours after I stepped on it. Fever, nauseated, swollen lymph nodes all over,  it was awful. So I took some benedryl in the morning, and promptly fell asleep for the whole day. Harvey got to watch wall-e twice! He was ecstatic. 

Then my foot was crazy swollen for the next 3 days. Yeay for not fitting in shoes! I find it interesting that the consequences of stepping on a bee make it more likely that I could step on one again. Anyways, The swelling went away and life moved on and now I know to take antihistamines right after stepping on a bee.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Cuts

A few weeks back Harvey had a birthday party to go to, so we decided to get his hair cut for the occasion.

I thought his hair was adorable, but Captain had been wanting to cut it for months.

To be fair, by this point the hair was in Harvey's eyes, and it was matting up in the back. Also, with the weather around here, the excessive amount of hair was keeping his head over warm. Harvey just had to walk outside and he would break out with sweat on his lip.

We went to the local barber shop and had it cut.  We walked in, and I could feel all 3 barbers rolling their eyes at his hair length.

They did a great job. Harvey did a pretty good job of holding still too. I keep reminding myself that it will grow back. 

Short hair seems to make boys look older. My toddler has been replaced with a pre-schooler. I suppose that is just how life is.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mud Lovin'

I have a problem.
I have this baby girl who loves rocks, water, dirt, and mud.

The problem is that 99% of Cecilia's clothes are pastel.

Basically, everything is turning a grayish brown at this point.

She doesn't seem to mind though, and the nice thing is, as it warms up I can just let her go outside in a diaper.

Harvey had to be sure and show me the mud Cecilia put on him. This one prefers to be clean. He would bathe 3 times a day if I let him.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy First Birthday Cecilia!

We took some photos for Cecilia's birthday. I still plan to mail out cards even though they will be a few weeks late. She should mostly still look the same by then. I would like to thank Jennie Baer for taking these photos. She is amazing.

Cecilia was a bit gun shy for these. It was difficult to coax any kind of smile out of her. She did however, stay put the whole time. Unlike her brother when he took is 1 year photos.

Right now Cecilia is 18.5 lbs and 27.75 inches tall.  That puts her in the 10% for kid sizes. It is bigger than I ever was, but smaller than Captain

Cecilia sleeps though the night in her own bed. She goes to bed around 7pm and is awake usually just before 7am.  She takes 2 naps a day for about 1 hour each. I'm ready for her to consolidate those.

Her favorite things are animals, dirt and food. Her favorite foods are greenbeans, cheese, and cake.

Cecilia can pull her self up and walk while holding on to something. She can kneel, crawl up, and fall down stairs. She can wave, drink from a cup (still spills a lot), and hold a spoon well enough to sword fight with dad.
This is my favorite photo. Also, those overalls have not been worn since. I don't want them becoming dirty. Cecilia stains all her clothes.

Maybe we will have something special enough to dress up for. Something inside  a nice air conditioned room.

We did a cake smash with Cecilia. Cake is one of her favorite foods after all.I made that cake. Funny story, That is actually the 3rd cake I made. The first one got eaten when we postponed the photoshoot. The second one was "sliced" by Harvey. It is now in the freezer waiting to be made into a trifle.

Cecilia started out very dainty.

Wait for it...
Face plant.

So much for dainty. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! May the cake be ever in your flavor.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cake Face

When you feed Cecilia yummy food, she eats like a baby bird. Her eyes are shut, mouth is wide open, and her head is tilted back. She very much enjoys eating.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This month I sewed somethign for myself designed by myself. Sure, it was jsut a circle skirt and took maybe 2 hours to make. Seeing as I havnt sewn clothes for myself in about two years now I think this is great improvement.
I got this fabric from the Fabric Fairy. I won a contest from Made by Rae which I how I found out about this place. I really like the fabric. I have enough to make a shirt and some baby leggins still.

If you ever make a circle skirt out of knit fabric, remember to make the center smaller than you normally would. The fabric stretches more than you would expect.

The nice thing about the strechiness is that I can wear the skirt up high like this, or down lower on my hips.  I added elastic into the waist band seam to help it stay up better. I'm not sure it really needed it though.

Hopefully this will motivate me to start sewing clothing more regularly. I'd really like to make some hot pink capris, a swimsuit, and do up some fun shirts.

Other goal news, I'm jogging now with no breaks, 3.2 miles. On Memorial Day Captain and I are running a 5k. It is a non competitive fitness walk technically, but I'm gonna jog anyways. I have no idea if the proceeds go to anything.  Also, since Captain is running it with me, I'm totally counting it as a date.

I'm going through scriptures faster than I thought I would, but still needing a lot of outside pressure to do any pushups at all. My dreams are getting weirder the more I write them down. Lastly I have plans to start the piano practicing this summer too while Captain is home more to keep the kids away while I do it. Cecilia LOVES to bang on the exact same keys I need to use. Harvey is more polite and will push on the end keys instead.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Guess who is glad when Daddy comes home?

They can't get enough play time with him!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baths & Yard Sales

I decided last minute that I wanted to go to some yard sales on Saturday.  By last minute I mean 6 am because for some reason I was wide awake even though I stayed up till 8 pm the night before.

The kids took a quick bath before we left.  They love this. Yesterday, I started running a bath for Harvey and I yelled to Cecilia who was all the way across the house, "Cecilia, would you like a bath?" She came crawling to the bathroom as fast as her little legs would carry her.

Ginka wanted to help. She would probably climb in if we let her. This dog loves water. She tries to sit in her water bowl. She also tries to dig it deeper. When we go for runs after it rains, she splashes all the puddles as much as she can.

Cecilia is starting to be a ham for the camera. Which is nice because Harvey doesn't like sitting still at all.

FYI As hard as it is to yard sale with kids, you wind up with better deals. People love little kids. I spent $40, and got a vintage silverware set, 2 wing back chairs, 2 picture frames, 5 Disney movies, a play tent, a crochet blanket, some toys, and a big stack of clothes for Cecilia. Oh and that 3rd wing back chair we picked up at a yard sale a week ago for $5. We now have more comfy chairs than we have room for.

Next weekend I'm hoping to score some night stands.