Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visiting the Baers

So I have a new friend. She enjoys taking photos as much as I do. Harvey and I visit at least once a week now. Sometimes we drag Captain along too.

Harvey enjoyed his first chocolate chip cookie here.

Captain comtemplating his settlers placement.

Captain, Harvey, and Jennie's DS enjoying the cool weather.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Daring Kitchen July: Cookies

The July Daring Bakers' challenge was hosted by Nicole at Sweet Tooth. She chose Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies and Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network.

For the Daring Kitchen's July Challenge we were asked to make 2 different kinds of cookies, Milano and Mallow. Both were yummy. Next time, I need to sift the powdered sugar in the milanos so that there are no lumps. If you are interested in the recipe, see my links to the left for the daring kitchen.

If you do decide to make these, make sure you mix the marshmallow long enough so it doesnt run off the edges of your cookie and create a sticky table mess.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Less Than Ideal

Captain and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week. We went to go see the newest Harry Potter movie. Now that may sound lame to some of you, but honestly, thing like Harry Potter suits us. We are just that nerdy.

But since this is our anniversary I thought it would reminisce about the day we were married.

We were married on July 23rd 2005, (coincidentally it was one week after the final Harry Potter book was released) in the Columbia River Temple. I had it all planned perfectly, wedding at 10 am, reception from 2-5, leaving promptly (even perhaps a little early) and we could be at our honeymoon location no later than 10pm. or so I thought.

I hadn't reckoned on siblings. I still don't know who all was involved so the blame falls on everyone. (Except for Rachel, she was in Japan.) What happened was this. Yakima LDS Youth (actually most LDS Youth) are notoriously TACKY car decorators. Really, its quite poor taste, if I had a scanner (hint hint) I would show you the pictures. Captain and I had planned for this though, we locked our car in the garage and my mom had the only key.

Somehow our siblings got a hold of the key and proceeded to finger paint our car with toothpaste and glitter. This was fine, it was as I said TACKY, but the layer of Saran wrap ® made it easy to remove. The problem came when they decided to try and decorate the inside. The car was locked. But locks apparently don’t deter our siblings with they have their minds set. Somehow they found a bit of metal and attempted to jimmy the lock.

Now I wasn’t there, but this is how I imagine the flowing seen
“Click,” there is a look of triumph quickly followed by a pause.
The door still won’t open, but something clearly happened.
Everyone now present quickly scatters; people are running and jumping through car windows in their haste to get away.
But again I wasn’t there.

Captain and I came back from the reception ready to leave when we discovered that the driver side door of our car would not open. In the end, after several vain attempts to find a mechanic open on a Saturday evening, my dad and Captain were able to open the door and get it working reasonably well (although it never did fully shut again.) Captain and I made it to our destination well after midnight both tired and irritated.

That was the very first day of our married life. Yea, it was less than ideal, but we lived, moved on, and learned to deal with the many other less than ideal things that would happen in our married life.

For the record don’t mention the car door to Captain, he still gets hot about it.

Also, if you are planning a wedding in Yakima, I highly recommend assigning someone to decorate your car for. Buying them the materials isn’t such a bad idea either, something perhaps a little fancier than toothpaste.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clean Keyboard

One day, inorder to escape the bordeom that comes from the computer being down, I decided to set up my old computer. I was sucessful is getting it to work, airport and all, but one thing needed serious work. ... It was the keyboard.

See I took the whole thing apart. I really took this picture incase the keys scattered, then I could still return them to their proper place. It turned out that I didn't need it after all though.

See how dirty it was? No wonder my keys were sticking! Also, I found 3 sewing pins in there. :(

see my before and after.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

A blog I read called "my Charming Kids" has this thing called "not me monday" You can go to her site if you want to read the rules. I know that this week was suppsed to be "not my kid" but... well I dont want to. But anyways Keep in mind that when I'd say "i'd never, or my kid would never" Most likely it has happened twice this week.

I would never upon finding that I left my kroger card at home just apply for a new one so that i can save $5. And I really would never do it twice in one week. Nope not me!

I certainly would never plan a day long shopping spree, drive all the way (1/2 hour) to the stores, pick out what I'd like to have and then realize i've left my wallet at home. Nope, not me!

I'd never let the cat baby sit Harvey while i'm trying to clean the bathroom, nope not me! And Certainly if I was to do something, I would never leave my hard heavy camera with its attractively long strap sitting on the couch well within reach for Harvey to tug on. Not me! If for some crazy this did happen, then I would never seeing my screaming baby and the large welt blooming upon his brow, laugh at him, hope that he will someday learn not to pull large heavy objects on his head, and then rush to use the offending object to take a photo. Nope not me.

harveys bump

I also would never let Harvey play in a "dangerous" room, not me! Espically not one with unfished outlets and exposed electrical wires within his reach.

harveys socket

And lastly I would NEVER EVER think that a crying baby is hilarious, especially when he has been crying all day. Upon finding a screaming baby, I would never run to find the camera and take pictures rather than comforting him like a good mom. Nope not me.

These last two pictures are of Harvey's ongoing war with gravity. I believe gravity is winning.

Cake Balls

Last... Month (our computer has been down it is not my fault!) Captain and I made something I've been wanting to try ever since Heather made some for her SIL's baby shower. So one weekend we had a marathon cake pall making weekend.

It started out simple enough, go to the store and pick up supplies. However it quickly grew out of proportion as we decided to make, oreo, nutterbutter, red-velvet cake, cheesecake, and brownie. Like I said it took the whole weekend.Here is how you make cake balls.

Take one cake and bake according to the directions, then mash it up with a can of frosting.


red velvet cake with creamcheese frosting


brownie with chocolate frosting

You can also make them with cookies! Take a box or bag of sandwich cookies (oreos) and smash them with 8 oz. of creamcheese.

Captain was a big help, besides pampering Harvey and taking pictures, he scooped the smashed cake and cookies into balls for me.


Peanutbutter, oreo and vanillia cookie balls


Cream Cheese Balls, coated in gramcrakers


Then after you make the balls, put them in the refrigerator for good measure. Then take some melting chocolate (any kind, we used milk, white and dark) and microwave it and add some veggie oil. If I was a good person I would use coco butter. But I'm cheap. The oil helps the chocolate spread and stay shiny. Don't use too much though or the chocolate won't harden.

baby on the floor

Once you have your balls and melted chocolate, place your baby on the floor and begin dipping. This is by far the longest part of the process, but Captain favorite part. He put on all the sprinkles.

Eat and enjoy!

BTW if for SOME reason you have leftovers that people aren't willing to eat... perhaps all the dark chocolate ones... but whatever the reason you can take them and put them in the food processor...


...and make them into a pie crust!


Happy Harvey

What could make Harvey this happy?


Only his two most favorite things in the world!

(hint one is that blurry thing in the picture)






That's right CHLOE and a GIANT BOX!


Watch out Cloe, Harvey is going to love on you...


Here he comes...




Run Chloe Run!


Hey where did she go?

*no animals were harmed in the making of this blog.


Sweat baby sweat, that's what I was doing yesterday at my job interview at DCI Biologicals a plasma donation (selling) company. Beads of sweat on my forehead, palms, armpits and odd as it may be legs were coated with a river of sweat. Luckily The Boss (BIG Moma or Leslie) encouraged me to put on deodorant, so the stench of sweaty overweight otter-pop eating 26 year old did not quite permeate the entire room (just most of it). Anyway, the door to the office opened and another victim stepped out, and they escorted her to the back of the building were the Cooler was, she did not come back. My military training kicked in and I began to hipe my self up and prep for the upcomming fight for my life and Plasma. I knew they took that poor girl in the back and DRAINED her of all her blood plasma, I mean I do understand you have a quota to meet every month so why not use the bad applicants for that purpose, they dont need her. To my utmost dissapointment she came back with a lab coat on, crap crap crap they gave her the job I hate them ALL I sat glumly thinking. By that point the sweat was not a concern anymore the job had been filled and I had just wasted an afternoon for nothing.

The Kind lady responsible for the interview quietly invited me into her office where sat a very scruffy employee that I had assumed was only there to make me and all of the other applicants uncomfortable. To my udder (get it, cow udders, yea that must have only been funny to me anyway) surprise he began the interview. After a long and grueling interview they to escorted me to the back were the cooler was. Unfortunately no bodies were in the cooler waiting to be disposed of (I checked don't worry). they then gave me a lab coat and told me to hang out in the front and watch what everyone else was doing. Well if you know me I was up in every ones face poking and prodding with as many questions as I could muster. 40 min later I knew how to use all the machines and what questions to ask also I learned how the computer system worked and last but not least I was told I could not input anymore people into the system because I was not being I payed and the other employees where not working. crap and I was not even going to get the job. As I hung up my lab coat the scruffy bum looking interviewer came up and told me that I would not only get the job but I would start Monday. Lets just say I was excited. As I walked away from the building knowing that it would reak like wet dog from my excessive sweating I thought to my self I'm go good sometimes I scare myself. Then almost just as suddenly I realized I had left the BOSS and the SPIT PRODUCER (baby) at the mall with no ride. Now I was truly in trouble. But that story is for another time.

Just so everyone gets to know me better I have been listening to MiKA's Big Girl and Grace Kelly this whole time its been a good blog

Happy Father's Day

To our Dads,

We love you so very much.

Happy Father's Day.


There are a million and one dads in the world but you two are one in a million.

A Post Without Pictures

Harvey has learned a new skill, which he delights in sharing with all who gaze upon him. Would you like to know what skill it is? This new talent is "the raspberry" That's right folks, Harvey is a spitting machine-- albeit cute spitting.

"The raspberry" combined with Harvey's brand new tooth nubin', provide ample drool dispersal to anyone who happens to bring their face within range.

To the random stranger in the store who smiles at our beautiful boy, Harvey spits in their general direction. When our cat attempts to sneak by, but happens to be caught in Harvey's fists, he raspberries contentedly unconcerned by the fur now covering his face.

This day was unavoidable. Perhaps because his mother has been trying to teach this for months now, but she would like to blame it as a phase all babies go though. Nevertheless, Harvey is enjoying himself immensely and is quite proud of this new feat.

(pictures to come when we find the camera charger)

Bucket Time


So, we needed to take Harvey somwhere, and he would not let go of that bucket! Captain carried him half way around the house before he let go. He was SOOOO pleased with himself too. I suppose the bucket is a good replacement for Cloe's tail.
Nap time at the Smith house is always a group effort.


Kissey Face

There is just something about Captain and Harvey playing that makes me want to grab my camera. dadkissesbaby

Harvey is a ham incase you didn't already know. However, as much as he LOVES having his photo taken, Harvey loves his daddy more.


Notice that the two of them are making the exact same face. And let me tell you, Captain is THRILLED about all that baby slobber on his cheek. So thrilled in fact that Harvey spent the rest of bonding time up in the air smiling and giggling-- but not drooling-- at his daddy.


Isn't he sweet?

Need a Baby-Sitter?

Need to keep a baby entertained while you do things around the house? Gather up the following supplies, and I guarantee you will be impressed by the results.

  • One medium sized box

  • One smallish sized baby

  • One cat – any size will do.

Step One: Place box on floor.

Step Two: Place baby in box.


Step Three: Place cat near baby in box.


Step Four: Try to proceed with work and do not be distracted by baby or cat.


Good luck!