Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sweat baby sweat, that's what I was doing yesterday at my job interview at DCI Biologicals a plasma donation (selling) company. Beads of sweat on my forehead, palms, armpits and odd as it may be legs were coated with a river of sweat. Luckily The Boss (BIG Moma or Leslie) encouraged me to put on deodorant, so the stench of sweaty overweight otter-pop eating 26 year old did not quite permeate the entire room (just most of it). Anyway, the door to the office opened and another victim stepped out, and they escorted her to the back of the building were the Cooler was, she did not come back. My military training kicked in and I began to hipe my self up and prep for the upcomming fight for my life and Plasma. I knew they took that poor girl in the back and DRAINED her of all her blood plasma, I mean I do understand you have a quota to meet every month so why not use the bad applicants for that purpose, they dont need her. To my utmost dissapointment she came back with a lab coat on, crap crap crap they gave her the job I hate them ALL I sat glumly thinking. By that point the sweat was not a concern anymore the job had been filled and I had just wasted an afternoon for nothing.

The Kind lady responsible for the interview quietly invited me into her office where sat a very scruffy employee that I had assumed was only there to make me and all of the other applicants uncomfortable. To my udder (get it, cow udders, yea that must have only been funny to me anyway) surprise he began the interview. After a long and grueling interview they to escorted me to the back were the cooler was. Unfortunately no bodies were in the cooler waiting to be disposed of (I checked don't worry). they then gave me a lab coat and told me to hang out in the front and watch what everyone else was doing. Well if you know me I was up in every ones face poking and prodding with as many questions as I could muster. 40 min later I knew how to use all the machines and what questions to ask also I learned how the computer system worked and last but not least I was told I could not input anymore people into the system because I was not being I payed and the other employees where not working. crap and I was not even going to get the job. As I hung up my lab coat the scruffy bum looking interviewer came up and told me that I would not only get the job but I would start Monday. Lets just say I was excited. As I walked away from the building knowing that it would reak like wet dog from my excessive sweating I thought to my self I'm go good sometimes I scare myself. Then almost just as suddenly I realized I had left the BOSS and the SPIT PRODUCER (baby) at the mall with no ride. Now I was truly in trouble. But that story is for another time.

Just so everyone gets to know me better I have been listening to MiKA's Big Girl and Grace Kelly this whole time its been a good blog

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