Friday, July 24, 2009

Less Than Ideal

Captain and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week. We went to go see the newest Harry Potter movie. Now that may sound lame to some of you, but honestly, thing like Harry Potter suits us. We are just that nerdy.

But since this is our anniversary I thought it would reminisce about the day we were married.

We were married on July 23rd 2005, (coincidentally it was one week after the final Harry Potter book was released) in the Columbia River Temple. I had it all planned perfectly, wedding at 10 am, reception from 2-5, leaving promptly (even perhaps a little early) and we could be at our honeymoon location no later than 10pm. or so I thought.

I hadn't reckoned on siblings. I still don't know who all was involved so the blame falls on everyone. (Except for Rachel, she was in Japan.) What happened was this. Yakima LDS Youth (actually most LDS Youth) are notoriously TACKY car decorators. Really, its quite poor taste, if I had a scanner (hint hint) I would show you the pictures. Captain and I had planned for this though, we locked our car in the garage and my mom had the only key.

Somehow our siblings got a hold of the key and proceeded to finger paint our car with toothpaste and glitter. This was fine, it was as I said TACKY, but the layer of Saran wrap ® made it easy to remove. The problem came when they decided to try and decorate the inside. The car was locked. But locks apparently don’t deter our siblings with they have their minds set. Somehow they found a bit of metal and attempted to jimmy the lock.

Now I wasn’t there, but this is how I imagine the flowing seen
“Click,” there is a look of triumph quickly followed by a pause.
The door still won’t open, but something clearly happened.
Everyone now present quickly scatters; people are running and jumping through car windows in their haste to get away.
But again I wasn’t there.

Captain and I came back from the reception ready to leave when we discovered that the driver side door of our car would not open. In the end, after several vain attempts to find a mechanic open on a Saturday evening, my dad and Captain were able to open the door and get it working reasonably well (although it never did fully shut again.) Captain and I made it to our destination well after midnight both tired and irritated.

That was the very first day of our married life. Yea, it was less than ideal, but we lived, moved on, and learned to deal with the many other less than ideal things that would happen in our married life.

For the record don’t mention the car door to Captain, he still gets hot about it.

Also, if you are planning a wedding in Yakima, I highly recommend assigning someone to decorate your car for. Buying them the materials isn’t such a bad idea either, something perhaps a little fancier than toothpaste.

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