I walked out the backdoor and there was snow everywhere. Only, it wasn't snow. I thought it might be cornstarch or flour, but the consistency was wrong. It just like snow only dry and not cold. Ginka was trying to eat it, but she didn't much care for it. The chickens ignored it completely. We went though the gate to look for eggs, and he reached out to hold my hand. It was odd that I liked him so much what with our 10 year age difference, but I couldn't help it. We chatted pleasantly as we searched around the yard. He asked me if I had any good photos from the 80's. I was a bit confused about this request but I promised I would look. We found the chicken eggs, and then eggs that looked like they would hold fully grown chickens. I was concerned about this. I needed to do some research to determine what was growing in the eggs. 
     Back in the house I began to ask the others if they had any ideas. Harvey though alligators would be awesome. Most everyone else thought they would contain snakes. It was a reasonable assumption.  I took one of the eggs and bit it open. the shell was tough and leathery. Sure enough, there were snakes inside. All were crushed, and I had to spit out snake bits from between my teeth. It was gross. From across the kitchen he laughed at me. "You could have used Scissors you know" I just rolled my eyes in response  He had three snakes in his hand. He was trying to show me they were harmless. I did not want to touch them. I'm not usually bothered by snakes but this time I was creeped out enough to jump up on to the counter tops to get away. He brought the snakes over ignoring my obvious distress. He was trying to convince me that they were harmless, but the fact that they were now crawling up my shirt sleeve was not helping. I was able to shake the green snake out, but the red and black snake would not budge. I pulled on its tail and that is when the snake bit my hand. It was just a tiny bit, didn't hurt much worse than a shot. I was able to get the snake out then because its face was attached to my hand. He took the snake away and outside.
    When Captain came home I told him about the eggs outside. I suggested we call the wildlife police to come take care of them. Captain disagreed with this course of action and promptly went outside to deal with them himself. The kids and I watch through the window ad Captain proceeded to smash the eggs and then set them on fire. Some of the snakes survived, but he managed to kill most of them. At this point my hand started to hurt. I looked down and watched the tiny snake bit start to swell. I figured it was just a regular reaction to the bite. I was wrong. The bite continued to swell and stretch and grow upwards until it was about 8 inches long. The swelling pulled my skin and muscle out of my body and then fell off. Apparently this was how these snakes reproduced. Several smaller skin snakes followed the first. My hand was not deformed. I was missing most of the muscle along the thumb and wrist. 
     I started to search though my photo albums for the pictures he had asked for. In many of the older ones, the photos were actually glued to the pages. those would not work. He came over to see how things were going. I reminded him it would be difficult to find any photos since I was only 4 years old in the 80's. I managed to find a few of my mom and me together. I was amazed at how young and pretty she looked in the photos. Mom never thinks of herself as pretty, but I knew otherwise. 
     Outside had changed. The snow was gone and  the yard was now filled with forests. We were at war, and I was part of the resistance army. I had recently received a message from the man that loved me. He wanted to meet me in the trees. My companions didn't  want me to go. They thought he was a traitor. It was dark when I left. I traveled through the trees. I was about to reach the rendezvous, when i heard something. I paused to listen and see what was ahead. It was the other army! The message was a warning, not a meeting. I quickly sprang into action. They called me a flyer because of how i moved in the trees and I didn't not let them down today. I jumped and grabbed branches, pulling them to the ground only to let go so the branches would whip back and smash into the enemies. Over and over I knocked them out of the trees and smashed the ground troupes  My compatriots heard the noise and joined the battle.


     My family was visiting our grandparents in D.C. for 2 days. It was 4pm on the second day. Somehow I had over slept, lost track of time and not answered my phone for two days. I had completely missed going to the zoo with them. I was really hoping we could drive fast enough to meet up with them once before we left. 
    I had to close my eyes as he drove. Sitting there on my left, he seemed to enjoy in speeding up over the hill tops making the car loose contact with the ground for moments. I didn't think we were going to make it, but I really didn't want to die trying. He laughed at my unease.

     We were about to get in the car when Nico paused for a minute. He held up his hand for us to stop. He motioned for us to move away just as the smoke started to pour out. The three of us ran for it. It was sleeping gas. I could feel my body slowing down as the gas too effect. The only thing that kept us going was the sounds of chasing footsteps in the distance.
      I saw a young man step out on his porch, so I yelled "Help!" He looked confused at my slow movements, but let us in. Nico settled us in the basement. We put my friend in a bag of holding where she would be safe. The gas had made her pass out completely. Nico then muttered something about cameras and took off. I could only assume he wanted the film of us leaving the garage so they wouldn't know where to look. 
     I looked around the basement. There were some serious geeks living here judging by the computers they had. I found that to be true as they started coming home. Two of them offered to help recover the camera data for me. They said they could access it from right there. I wasn't sure it was safe, but with Nico gone I didn't know what to  do. I knew where I needed to go though. 
     I took my friend and walked out to find her parents. They seemed to be expecting me when I arrived. The dad said he would take all of us and fly a private plane out of here. He seemed super excited. He had always wanted to fly a long distance but had never had the time.


"I'll take it!" I said after a quick look around the place. "Wait what?" the Realtor said. She hadn't expected me to want the home. I hadn't bothered to haggle on the price either. "But there is no deepness to this house," she said. She was referring to magic. Now that the previous owner was gone. The spells on the house needed to be restored. Usually houses like this were sold twice. Once really cheap to a witch who would then add the enchantments, and then sold again at full price as a complete home. All around me I heard offers higher than the $35,000 I was paying. It was too late for them though the house way mine. It was perfect too  because of the lack of magic. I was not a witch, and living in an enchanted home had no appeal to me. 
We are running. we already lost her father. We need to move faster or the police will catch us. They have no love for witches here.  "Can't you make us bigger?" I ask after they mention they can't speed us up. Almost instantly they grab my hands and we begin to grow. We are all a bit clumsy at first in this new size, but we adjust quickly. Now we are moving. We reach the last row of house in the town. I lose track of my companions. I can tell the spell is wearing off now that I'm not in contact with them. I am forced to enter the a home. It is the only way to get to the forest. I move quietly room though room. the home seems to never end. I pass a giant room that is full of snow, and enter a storage room. The walls are lined with square shelves full of food. the floor has piles of junk thrown every which way. I know someone is looking form e so I try to hide. I start to sink down into the stuff as she looks in the room. We make eye contact and she tells me to come out. She seems friendly and chats about how they got this house. My friends are waiting for me upstairs. Her father was there too. He had been caught in the grow bigger spell after dodging the police. The home owners were willing to let us stay, but we knew it was too dangerous. 


They caught me. I had done my best to escape them, but there was nothing I could do now. My abductors were experimenters. I wasn't the only one they had caught.  There was a man in here with me. I recognized him from television. The drugs they injected us with completely over powered any independent will we had. This specific cocktail had been modified to make us fall in love.  After that, they released us back into the real world with our baby. There was no changing the way we felt now. I could see it in his face every time he looked and the baby and me. 
Back home, We know we can't stay together. So he is going to leave. I tell Captain I will explain later. I walk him out and as I say my goodies I notice he is now a woman.


It was like I was living in a story. 
It was our wedding day. Not that it was anything special, they wouldn't  let us have that after all. But still, we were to be married. 
He found a human baby. we hid it. They knew and punished us, but didn't find the baby. Electric patches, hurt more if you tense. Taken to jail. baby left behind. maybe found by friends. 
Conscripted to the castle.
We are at war. Being separated, all non essentials have to retreat to the castle. I had to leave my child behind. My master is worried about her son. I tell her to pray he is injured and will have to come with us instead of fight. I'm in charge of watching the princess. She falls in the pool. Not a normal pool, filled with murky sludge. Several people jump in after her, not me. I know I'm going to be in trouble. They get her out. I clear her mouth and get her breathing again. Send her to bed. Hand out towels.  Go down to be with her. Tell her not to eat or drink anything on the top shelf of the fridge. It is full of alcohol. We play in her toy kitchen. I wish she had real baking supplies so we could make brownies. 
I am taken away. Back to jail. I know it will be bad this time. I know what the punishment will be. I will be burned till my raiment, a sign of my position, is gone. But i know a secret, my clothing never was only a symbol, it was a prison. These garments kept me bound from using my full powers and once they were gone. One the stitching was undone, I would be free to access my magic once more. Somehow they had forgotten this.
In jail I could go and come as I pleased. This irritated my captors to no end. I was always back before their superiors could see the cell. Still I cause havoc where I could. I taunted the guards and used their own rules against them to make sure the prisoners were fairly treated. 


Getting dressed & doing hair for family photos
mom hurries me
I pick out a dress & look amazing, hope it's not too short

I could feel water coming dripping on my head. The roof was leaking. We went to find buckets to contain the water. I had just put the kids to bed and hoped we wouldn't wake them up. We were at his home for the night. He was young and still lived with his family, but it didn't matter. Our relationship wasn't like that. We were just friends. 
~Bloody nose
Guiding thoughthe hall
meeting the family
goingfor a car ride, wooden rebuilt town
Geek/singing convention at a hotel
left room played some games
came back open door, he learned my name
talked sang Beatles songs. found my d&d character where I hid it to seem less geeky.


I could hear the bees swarming at my feet. I wasn't sure how i had managed to wander this far into the swarm without noticing, but I did. I was stung by a swarm of bees. My mom was trying to decide weather to take me to the hospital or just give me drugs as my face started to swell up. I was trying to get captain to pull the stingers out with tweezers but he was too slow so i started doing it myself. There was one in my heel that had apparently made a pocket under the skin cause when I took it out it ripped a 2 inch slit in my heel. I was tried to force the skin back together but it just wrapped around my foot like saran wrap.  At this point my mom declared that I should just stay put for a week or two and everything would heal up on its own, on and that i should not take off my shoes. But my foot was bleeding though my shoe. I then went to Annalisa's house bloody foot and all. We were in the kitchen watching  movie when Erik came home. I knew it was time for us to leave because i didn't want to interrupt family time. On the way out Annalist stopped to show me something. They were trying to sell the house still and in one room she was unable to get the paint to cover up the graffiti the boys had drawn on It seep though all the primer you used. I recommended an oil primer because that blocks stains better, but she just decided to just go with darker paint 


I am at girls camp with my children. Morgan is there too. He presence is comforting. I wonder how well he will fit into our family. I am trying to participate in the activities with the other girls, but it is difficult. Swimming up the stream is a challenge, with ever stroke i have to remember to lift Cecilia's head up out of the water. Sunday comes and I am trying to find out where sacrament meeting is. It seems strange to have camp on a Sunday until I realize it is general conference week. I find my way to where the broadcast is. They are showing it on a rock hill. Harvey and Cecilia are jumping and sliding down the rocks. I am asked to take them to the nursery because they are making so much noise. I am disappointed because I know there are no speakers in the nursery room.


I'm a pre-teen companion. 7th grade or so. Earning money to buy wooden books. My next appointment comes in. With a friend. I begin to explain I don't do that, when I notice my friend coming in too. They just wanted this done in the same place. That's fine with me.  We start to make out and the boy finishes early. He thanks me and leaves. I sigh in my head because he doesn't understand yet.  I realize that I'm not really human, am actually an ice Faerie. Run across a young man wanting an appointment. He has a friend he says. I try to explain I don't do that when he starts to shift. I'm yammering on about how I can't figure out where all the bits will go when he sheds his awkward body, peals away the plain face and reveals a stunning young man with flaming red hair. His hair literally had flames coming off the ends. He was a fire daemon. He was my complete opposites. Instant attraction. Have to eat the flowers to keep from having babies. Someone hides them. Know that to everyone else the Ice boy looks ugly and awkward, don't care. Trying to figure out how to improve my standing among the companions. Decide to make a sequined dress and buy some high heels.


I am an invisible Ninja. There was lots of running, jumping, fighting and hiding. I go to hide in a closet, but they followed me in and patted around till they found me. Kidnapped by Sorority Vampires. They decide to haze me by making me run for class president. They figured I would fail miserably. I proved them wrong. I showed up to school in my yellow bra and panties to get people to notice me and vote for me. It worked. Got the part of Cosette in the school play. Out preformed them in the talent show playing the piano and singing. 


The world was ending and it was all my fault. A rocket was racing to earth and it had been our job to stop it. If the rocket reached earth the world would explode. It was tricky though. If we shot it too soon, our missiles would be impotent by the time they reached the rocket. If we waited too long the debris entering the atmosphere would cause catastrophic weather changes and we would be destroyed. We miscalculated. Our math had an error in it, and we shot the rocket down too late... I was in my childhood home in Hobart Indiana. The rain was coming down harder than i had ever seen it before. I knew this was all my fault and we had started the Apocalypse. My mom was trying to repair the ceiling in the playroom. I went in to see what was going on. the roof collapsed over my head and rain came pouring in as if a bucket had been overturned.


I'm trying to figure out what my schedule is. I know i need to be in class, but i just can't remember which one, or what day it is, or where my classes are. I'm afraid that I've missed some of my classes already and that I will need to catch up. I vaguely recall going to classes before and can't remember why i stopped. There is much running around and searching for things. I finally make it to a class, late. Great, I think to myself, the one class I can find and it is Spanish. My worst subject. The teacher isn't sure what to make of me since i have been gone so long, but he is willing to let me stay.

7/12/2012 5:45 AM- 7:30 AM

It was a fight to the death. The whistle blew and I went on the attack. I was breaking limbs and smashing bones. This went on for a while. Something made me pause. There was a baby in the arena. In the split second it would have taken to crush the child I changed my mind. I couldn't kill that one. I went on. I had a bow now. This made things easier. I looked for a place up high to shoot from. I found one on high up on the wall. The other kids ran away as I made my way over. I recognized one girl. I did not pursue. I climbed up to my destination when I realized some thing that should have been obvious. This high up, I was as easy of a target as the people below me were. I had no where to move to if they started to shoot at me. I climbed back down and found a better spot. It was occupied by the girl i had recognized earlier. She asked me why i wasn't working with my partner. I hadn't realized this was a partner thing. She said that in the arena was someone i could not live without.  She knew who my partner was. He was big, and as just as good at killing as I was. I smiled to myself. I knew we would make a good team.

7/11/2012 5:30 AM - 6 AM

     There was singing all around me. We were at church. For some odd reason the congregation was facing the back of the chapel. We were few in numbers today, so the leaders had asked us all to sit in the front few rows. The song we were singing was the wise man and and the foolish man, complete with hand motions. I hadn't realized this was an actual hymn and not just for primary children. We were all standing and the others around me started swaying to the music. This was too much for me. I had to sit back down or I would become motion sick. 
     As I sat down I thought about a project I was working on. At home I was making a diorama for Andrea, one my my visiting teachees. I remembered choosing the only kit that wasn't a nativity. It was a family enjoying the summer. There were little wooden figures to paint, and it had worked out perfectly for her family.  There were 2 little girls, a dad, and a mamma with a baby. I couldn't believe my luck. Thinking back on the project i realized I should probably leave the cleric and paladin miniatures out of the diorama. I wasn't sure Andrea would appreciate them like I did, and it made the whole thing kind of expensive. I came out of my musings to catch a statement about how every other prophet had been named Kennedy since the 70's. I wondered how I could have missed that fact.

7/10/2012 6:00 AM- 7:30 AM

We were traveling away. Captain and I had rigged a pair of silver bicycles to pull a large wagon with all our belongings. Well, everything we could fit anyway. At the moment we were stopped. Harvey kept finding a way out of the wagon. We were working on a way to strap him in so he would stay put. It was dangerous to stay here, and we needed to move quickly. There were many others in the procession. It was a mass exodus, and everyone was on edge. I was having a hard time remembering where we needed to go. On top of all that my teeth kept falling out. I didn't have time to see a dentist, so I just shoved them back in. It only helped for a moment before I was spitting out mouth fulls of teeth. I put them in my pocket to deal with later. 


I was watching a movie. There was a red headed girl who was the star. I was very involved with the show when I realized it had turned into a play. The girl was walking across the stage and interacting with the audience. I looked around, but i seemed to be one of the only people who noticed the transition. This must be some kind of test or experiment to see how well people notice things. I looked again and saw that the actress had changed. This new person still had the same red hair, and was mimicking the mannerisms of the prior person perfectly. I looked as the actress came closer and noticed that she was now actually a man. Part of what I assumed was wild red hair was a beard. I chuckled to myself when I realized who this new actor was. It was Shia Lebuf.He had been done up very girlish, but it was certainly him. 

7/3/2012 12:00 AM - 5:55 AM

The meeting had ended. The other women were sitting around chatting, but I could tell something was not right. No one wanted to look at me directly. They new something was up. I went to go find my baby, and it was gone. Bessie had taken the baby. No one knew why, or when she would be back. I was frantic. I was about to call the police when I spotted her van. She was driving recklessly fast. She came to a stop and spun to miss a telephone pole and barely manage to keep from tipping over. I ran in and grabbed the baby and the car seat. Then I started yelling. Bessie looked annoyed like she didn't understand what the problem was. "You can't just take someone's kid!" I wanted an apology, but it looked like I wasn't going to get one. I just left and went to find my ride. I tried strapping the car seat in, but the seat belt just crumpled the car seat. I needed the base. It was back inside the building with the second car seat. I wouldn't be able to carry them with the baby. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to leave the baby again, but I couldn't drive without the seats either.

7/3/2012 6:15 AM - 7:15 AM

     I was standing in line to sign up for high school soccer. I was part of the new recruitment program. Somehow it was okay for me to come back. I couldn't remember if I had actually finished my senior year or missed it entirely. Either way I was eligible to play soccer this year. I had on my shirt from last year, with my running shoes and shorts. I carried my cleats in a bag. Somehow I had forgotten my shin guards.
     After signing in, I was standing around with the other girls discussing the merits of the new shirts. They were mostly white with a subtle hexagon weave. On top of that they had been tie-died pastel green and neon pink. It was done so that the tie-die looked like little bubble spots. We were all confused as to why the shirts didn't represent our school colors at all. 
     We made out way to the cafeteria. There were a bunch of us sitting around the table. Kyle and I were arguing about something. It was unfortunate, because I had a crush on him even if he did have one of those mustaches that was very sparse and refused to grow in properly. As we argued we started yelling and getting closer to make our point. Then we were too close, I couldn't form proper thought patterns like this. So I kissed him. He kissed me back. It was awkward at first, but I could tell it was going to be the start of something.
     I ran off to get to the next part of school. It was in the chapel. I was telling my friends about what happened when something strange happened. There was a small, single file parade going past me. One of them handed me flowers. The parade was for me. Kyle had set it up. I was both embarrassed and flattered. I wished though he could have expressed himself in a less public way. As it was all the attention backfired. Some guy said loudly that he thought I was a bad kisser. Kyle reluctantly agreed. I guess he didn't want to offend him. Either way I ran off ashamed and crying.


Captain was being absolutely disgusting. He was carrying around  bits of his intestines filled with fecal matter. It reminded me vaguely of those hot dogs in crescent rolls. I told him to go take care of his poop. He grinned at me and refused. He thought it was funny. I told him it wasn't funny. In fact it was so not funny that I threatened to take a photo and put it up online. He didn't like that, but he didn't believe that I would actually do it. I took one of his colon pieces and cleaned it out in the bathtub. There was a surprising amount of poop in it, string all over the tub now. I was about to take a photo when Captain came in, his smile gone. "Fine," he snarled, and he began to clean it up.


     We were driving, trying to follow the directions of the GPS. The device was trying to take us straight through a corn field. I turned right, but the GPS beeped at us to turn around. My friends said to turn left. Eventually we were so lost we wound up in a deserted neighborhood. It was dark. My friend walked up the the side door of a house. It was unlocked so she let herself in. I follower reluctantly swinging the door open.
     Inside were several shady looking men. My instincts told me this was dangerous. "Run!" I yelled, and promptly slammed the sliding door closed as I ran away. Everything told me that my 2 friends were now dead inside that house. I kept running. I couldn't think about that. I eventually found a place to hide. There was a table I slid under. The bad men were searching the room. I knew though, that they would never find me. I was invisible. As long as I don't attack they won't be able to see me. Still, I try not to move so that they can't hear me as well.  I was worried about the dogs they had though. They might be able to smell me out.
    Eventually they left and I worked up the nerve to walk home. I was walking down the street with a friend. I had a kitchen knife in my right hand and a hair brush in my left. I was trying to learn how to fly. I was able to get moderate success by swinging my right hand up in an arc. I needed to find a more private place to practice though, I didn't want people staring. We went around the corner of a street and managed to find a place without other people. I figure out how to get this flying thing to work. My friend, however, does not seem to get it.
    I make it home. We are staying with my dad right now for some reason. Inside is a mess of furniture that is poorly arranged. I do my best to fix everything, but new pieces keep showing up and the rooms shift every time I look away. I give up as a bad job for the moment. I had managed to make room for he 2 new kids I brought home and that was good enough. These kids were being abused by their parents, and i took them away. My dad and I were discussing how we should go about adopting them. We knew we would need to wait sometime both for legal reason and so their parents wouldn't find them. After putting all the kids to bed, I let the dog in. 


I was at the store checking out a new product. It was an entirely new way of growing tomatoes. Somehow scientists had engineered them to grow their own supports. The stalks grew in rings the gradually increased in diameter as the plant went up. Thee were still limbs that grow over these rings, just like a regular plant grows over its supports. I was very impressed and trying to decide how many to purchase.


I was laying in my daybed listening in on the conversation Rachel and her beau were having. They had no idea that I was there. It helped that I was invisible at the moment. Rachel was saying how glad she was that I was no longer dating John. That made me feel awful. I fully intended to sneak out the window as soon as they left to meet up with John. I kept listening to Rachel go on about how much she disliked john. I started to turn her out. I loved this boy. I started to remember all the things we had done together. Thinking about him though made me remember that he was married now. I guess that means Rachel is right and I won't be seeing him again. 

My friend and I were sitting in the cafeteria with four boys from camp. We each had 2 vying for our attention. The two flirting with me wanted to show me something. they had made a personal catapult. One boy would be shot out and caught in a tiny box. They were trying to set a new record to the furthest shot. The second boy is launched incredibly far. He lands in the box reared first. It seems like he has broken several bones. They have managed to set a new record. I consider kissing the first boy who is next to me, but I think it might be unfair the the injured one. We walk over towards him and wonder why no one is there to congratulate us. The boys wanted to show up the older group with their project. Instead of finding the older boys we found out why no one cared about the personal catapult. We discovered that they had made a tank-a-pult and were about to smash our newly made record into smithereens.

6/25/2012 2:00 AM - 6:25 AM

     I was back in high school. trying to finish up after taking a break to have two children. It was confusing though. I could distinctly remember not having sex until after I was married and could not remember dropping out of high school. Still here I was, trying out for the wrestling team. There was a race. I ran as fast as I could, which seemed slow to me. at times I ran on all fours. I could hear the coaches talking from the side lines, they were impressed. When I finished they told me I had come in third. I checked the race result beads, and mine was clearly in the 11th spot of a double strand. The coaches said that the race was counted by the time it took to complete, not the position I had finished in. Since I had started at the end, there was a delay before I crossed the start line which resulted in me coming in towards the end, but with a faster time than many of the others. 
     I was worried about the weigh in. Two babies had wrecked my body. I wanted to prove myself this time around. I knew though that if I could get down to the 103 pound class I would have an advantage for very few guys were that small. I looked around for Kevin Kelly, he would be my only real competition here. I hoped for him to be absent from this, but he was there. He looked as tiny as ever. If i wanted to wrestle varsity, then I would have to beat him. Unfortunately I'd have to loose some weight for. The scale had me at 120 pounds. That was even bigger than the next  weight category. I had a lot of work to do.
    I walked though the school and came across a gaming convention. There weer people playing settlers and other board games in the cafeteria. I pulled out my settlers  game and started to play. A raid came into the room. It was Queen  Blücher's men. The officers confiscated our games and had to check them. The guy checking mine was dressed in a star wars shirt and a Han Solo vest. He kept asking the most mundane questions about the game. It was like he had never seen star wars settlers before. Turns out he had never seen anything star wars before.  I was astounded. After they cleared my game to be free of demonic possession, they let me go. I was irritated that they didn't have an official stamp of something to signify my game was cleared. I started going around to various officers complaining. I wanted a Queen Blücher  stamp!
     Eventually I gave it up as a lost cause and went back to my room.When I got there I found that not only my children where there, but someone had left another baby for me. My kids were asleep, but the strange baby was crying. Not knowing what else to do, I nursed the baby to sleep and put the baby in a crib just in time for Cecilia to wake up and eat. It was a long evening, but eventually I went to bed.
     I woke up to find Captain gone from the bed. I vague recalled not seeing him there that night as well. He must have gotten up with one of the kids. I went to look for him and found him on the couch. He must not have wanted to wake me up and slept there instead. I gave him a full body hug to wake him up. He smiled at me. Something was off. We chatted while I tried to figure out what it was. I sat up when I figured out what it was. This wasn't Captain at all. He sort of resembled him, but this guy had way too much hair and blue eyes. Someone must have swapped him on me. 
     Sure enough, the phone rang. Demet told me where to meet her to exchange this guy for my hubby. As I hung up, I heard knocking on the back door. We ducked down behind the wall so no one would see us. I realized it was the pizza delivery guy. We were hungry so I answered it. I wished I had splurged on something better than the five dollar pizzas from little ceazars.  I have the guy $7.25 for the $5.11 bill, and then brought the pizza inside. The impostor was grateful and ate most of the pizza.
     I went though the house locking the all the doors. The front door always gave me trouble. I managed to get the screen to lock. The metal latch just barely fit. I  followed with locking the main door.  I was working on the door leading into the mud room when my mom came in. She was fiddling with the Christmas decorations, and proceeded to go right through all the doors I had painstakingly locked. I gave up trying to lock the doors. 
     The impostor and I left though the back yard gate in the end, which apparently lead straight though down town London. He started complaining about all the walking we were doing. I snorted at him and his now blonde hair and said "it was his fault we got off the bus so early. We didn't need to run that errand. Also, there was no way I was going to try driving though these tiny streets. After all, you never bothered to learn how to drive for the very same reason." We kept walking, and wound up on a University campus.
   We walked up to some friends of mine. She was trying to flirt with some guy. She was doing it all wrong too. She didn't believe us when we told her though. Our other friend showed her how to flirt properly with a random stranger. She ended the session with a kiss on the cheek. The first friend rolled her eyes. We continued walking down the street.
     At the convenience store attached to the hotel, I over herd to guy talking. They were bashing on Wil Wheaton. I thought that was too bad, Wil is pretty cool. I've liked everything I saw him in and he likes the bloggess. The guys walked out the door before I could say anything.

6/22/2012 5:45 AM- 6:45 AM

There was someone at the back door. I answered it. It was Juline. She was standing on our porch. It was flooded outside. I could just barely see the tops of the tomatoes over the water. Juline pulled our hose onto the deck. For some reason she felt leaving a hose under water would ruin it. I didn't see how that would happen, but I wasn't about to stop her. Juline had come by to see if we had a copy of her orchid photo. She didn't want to come inside. I went to look for the photo. I looked in a few places around the house, and asked my mom if she had seen it. She couldn't remember. I found it in the living room window. It was behind a book. I took the photo to Juline and she left. I worried that the flood was going to kill the tomatoes.

6/20/2012 5:30 AM - 6:33AM

I was excited to show what I had done all semester to my family. We all came into the classroom. I was a little disappointing. I had expected the paintings to be up on the walls, instead they were in piles on our desks. I took my mom to my desk and began showing her the drawings. My best one had been stored improperly. As we unfolded it, chunks of paint pulled away from the canvas surface. I asked the teacher what do do about it but she ignored me. It was too bad, that was my favorite piece.

We had to get through this. Unfortunately there were booby traps everywhere. I was able to sence them out for the most part. I took Cecilia and we made our way along with the group. Don't step there! I shouted, but it was too late, and explosion went off and the girl was gone. I told cecilia, this is why we let other people go first. The creators of this place lacked subtly. Everything just exploded and nothing reset. Still I tried my best to lead the others through the metal maze. At the end we passed through a kitchen, and down some stairs. The group was hungry. I had noticed mac and cheese back in the kitchen, but no one wanted to go back for it. I rolled my eyes and explained it couldn't hurt them now. Once you went through that was it. 

6/18/2012 5:00 AM- 6:25 AM

We were just sitting around in Stewart's living room when there was a knock at the door. Curious, we all peek around the corner as he answered it. It was Wil Wheaton. He had a dvd for Stewart. I quickly put the dirty dishes in the sink and came back to the family room with everyone else. We rearranged the seating to face the tv better. Wil had a mischievous look on his face. I knew we were in for a surprise. Cecilia was crawling under the chairs. I wanted her to come to me, but I called her Rachel by mistake. Captain chuckled at this. Wil asked when Stewart and I were getting married. We all laughed, he had gotten the couples mixed up. We straightened him out. Captain and I were married and we had the 2 kids here, Steward was engage to the other female in the room.

My friend and I were walking down a busy street. A young man with unusual coloring stopped me ans asked if I had Tv's in my back. I informed him that it was mostly clothes. He could see the fabric peaking though the opening and moved on to my friend. "Yes," she said, "and Dvd players." The man made a grab for it, but we were to fast for him. We ran to our destination. Inside there was excitement in the air. Our fabric samples had  arrived. We were to pick the fabric for our final collections today. Everyone had the exact same options. The fabric samples were a bit unusual. The fabric had been pressed flat  and cut into legal paper sizes. They were glued together like a pack of scrapbook paper. It was easy to flip through them and find a color you liked. The majority of the fabrics were prints. This was going to be hard. My classmates were eagerly picking out which ones they wanted. I pulled one out. It was a forest scene complete with tents and toadstools on it. I thought it was make an awesome skirt or dress, but I knew the judges would fine it juvenile so I put it back.I wanted to find a fabric hat would show my skills off rather than steal the show.

6/9/2012 5:00 AM - 7:30 AM

     We were at camp. For some reason I had only packed 3 pair of underwear, and they were all lacy. How was I supposed to get dressed?  I searched though the piles some more and managed to scrounge up a regular black pair. These would do. We were going swimming and I wanted something that would dry fast.  
     After I was dressed, I walked out into the main room. My whole family was there. I sat down at a desk by the window and started talking to Rachel.  She was going to be married this weekend, and we were talking through the details. Rachel wanted to be married on the roof of the mansion. She speculate that the trees were tall enough that if we climbed one we could get up there. Or we could drop on the roof by helicopter.  I said " No! you should get married by the flag poll, so the mansion is in the background.  Then you could light of fireworks for the photos." Rachel gave me this look, and I knew I needed to leave it alone.  I quickly said " you do what you want, it is your wedding after all." Rachel smiled.
     We were keeping track of our words. There was a note book and every time you used a 5 letter word they would check off a box. I was winning by so great a margin that i told them to only count my 7 letter words. They agreed. 
     Rachel and I went to the store. I was looking for new jeans. My one pair needed a belt to sty up now. I grabbed a pair from the rack. They were the exact same as the ones I already had on. I put them back and grabbed the next size down. I wiggled into them and asked Rachel what she thought. We agreed that while the hips and thighs fit perfectly, the waist still gaped in the back. I asked the clerk for some help and we walked off to find me a pair that fit better.

6/8/2012 5:00 AM - 6:30 AM

I was hanging out with all my ninja friends. It was hilarious, everyone kept sneaking up and scaring each other. We were planning a wedding for two of them. It was going to be sweet. A ninja wedding. 

I was running though an obstacle course with my partner. There were spinning beams smashing at us, but we were doing well. We did so well that we made it too the next round. The game masters told me only I could move on. I had to choose a new partner now and leave mine behind. That was awful. I looked over at him and thought how much I loved him. But wait, i wasn't sure that was my original partner anymore. He seemed to have shifted into my new partner. I still loved him though, so I guess things were ok.


I was running up the stairs. I had to make it in time. It was hard enough finding this building in the first place. No one seemed to know where it was, and when I asked for directions they all just gave me a look of pity. But I found the building anyway and now  I was running up the stairs. I made it just in time. They found my name on the check board and marked it off. I was there for the Olympics.   My name had been drawn from a lottery. The first round was pretty standard track and field events. The second round was the reason people pitied me. The second round was a fight to the death. 

6/6/2012 1:00 AM- 6:00 AM
     I was in the bathroom pealing wallpaper. For some reason the previous owners had decided to cover the walls with purple metallic paper on both sides of the chair rail. It went though the entire bathroom, even behind the tub. I was thinking about my life as I pealed the paper off the walls. I had recently had an affair with the worlds most stupid man. I was trying to figure out why I had done that. Sure he was cute with his blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was dumb as a stick. I couldn't figure out which was more irritating, the wall paper or Kenneth.
     I left the bathroom for a break. I was now in one of the church classrooms. The guy I had an affair with came in and gave me a long lingering kiss. He told me he loved me and he wanted to run away together. I remembered why I had the affair in the first place as I looked into his brown eyes and ran my fingers through his soft brown hair. I had to go tell Captain what had  happened. I was scared of his reaction, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
     I walked though the chapel to find Captain. Everyone turned to stare at me. I could feel their scorn. I wasn't able to find Captain there, so I moved on. I knew I needed to tell him about the affair. The problem was, I couldn't remember it at all. I remembered the night leading up to it, and the morning after, but the actual affair itself was blank. I still couldn't find Captain. I ran into the woman I had had the affair with. She looked smug with her long ice blonde hair. We sat down at a table and I told her that I wasn't going to leave my husband unless he didn't want me. I was going to try and fix things. She looked furious and stormed off. 
    I found Captain outside. I told him about the affair, and he was crushed. He wasn't sure what to do, so we just talked about it. We both found it weird that I couldn't remember anything about it. We thought maybe I had been drugged. I realized that it was the first weekend of the month, and he should have been at drill but they had moved it to the second weekend. Maybe this woman had planed to abduct me, but her plans  had been foiled because Captain was home. We drove off together.

5/23/2012 5:00 AM - 6:15 AM

It was Thursday evening. I smiled. It had been a nice date with the gypsy boy. I couldn't wait to see him again. He asked if we could go out on Friday. I said, "I have a prior commitment for Friday," which was true. Tori and I had made plans ages ago. She probably wouldn't mind if I rescheduled, but I didn't want to be that kind of a friend. It was too bad though, now I would be able to see him for a week. I walked into my studio apartment. I was worried about the upcoming date. I would have to explain everything to him. I was worried he wouldn't understand. My husband and I hadn't been separated long. I still had my wedding ring on. I wondered why he hadn't noticed it. Still, I could easily see myself falling in love with him. I worried more. Now I was thinking it was good we were waiting a week till the next date. I didn't want to rush into anything too soon. That would be a mistake.

5/22/2012 5:00 AM- 7:00 AM

We were waiting for the audition. They asked me if I can sing. I said yes, "Well enough for a church choir anyway." They looked doubtful. I had full confidence in myself, until I walked into the room. I saw the piano sitting there in the middle of the room. It was beautiful. I ran my fingers along the keys, my mind completely blank of the song I was supposed to preform. I walked out of the room embarrassed, but relieved that I didn't have to preform after all. 

May 2012

     We were in a high rise complex. The last of humanity were here. Each story was kept separate from the rest. The building was round, subdivided with an outside ring and an interior ring. There was a rail between the two sections. We were to stay in the outside section. The dinosaurs had control on the inner circle. There was a force field between us and the dinosaurs, but it had power issues. The dinosaurs could push through it at different spots, and had varying amounts of success. They had infinite time to get us all though, and we were proving to be very stupid. 
     People kept walking too close. Couldn't they see that the dinosaurs could lunge though? There was blood everywhere. People were dying left and right. I was doing all I could to keep my children as far away as possible. Harvey wanted to see the dinosaurs up close. We struggled all day until the kids fell asleep. While they slept I found a closet. The only closet. The only room completely safe from the dinosaurs. I told the others my plan. I was going to take the kids into the closet while they slept and barricade the door so they would not escape. I put all the children in there. There were three left. These people were idiots. I had the children secured in the closet. I went looking for bedding, toys, and food to keep them occupied. I had no idea how long we would hold out in there.
     As I searched the building expanded. It was no longer a building anymore so much as a space ship. I could see the earth through the windows. It had two moons. i joined up with the others in a large room. It was strange to have this much space all connected. Then we found the room dividers. They were brown fabric. There were enough sections to turn this room into an arc. There was a roost for chickens up top and places for livestock below. It was all collapsible. 
     They found us. We had to run. We left the room with the fabric walls and went though the portal that landed us on earth. The aliens were catching up quickly. I knew there was only one way we would make it. We stopped along the path and I grabbed up the figurines that lined it. They were unicorn toys. I made sure only to grab the unicorns and not the ponies. Ponies wouldn't cut it this time. I handed out unicorns to everyone, there was just enough. I was scared as I sat on that little toy waiting for it to grow, but my fears were unfounded. The unicorns grew and we were able to gallop off away from the threat.

5/6/2012 5:45 AM - 7:30 AM

     They caught my friend saying in a hotel room without paying for it. She was asked to leave. I really hoped they wouldn't find out I was doing the same thing. He was about to say something but stopped. He didn't want to press the matter further, afraid of what would happen. Stella came to get me. She wanted to show her father around town. I was more than happy to oblige.
     Tried to do a handstand, but wasn't able to stabilize so it was turned into a walkover. Actually i was impressed with myself, I've never been able to lift my upper body backup from a walkover before. The others were impressed too. I attempted another hand stand, but the wall materialized out of nowhere preventing me from holding it up myself. I got down and returned to the meeting. Somehow I was the leader of our fashion group. Not everyone agreed with this decision, but there were a few who supported me. One pointed out that I had predicted color blocking would be fashionable . I reminded them I discovered this after Mondo had done project runway. They then proceeded to give a different example of my fashion prowess that I could not refute. We moved on. We were trying to plan our next show.  I suggested we do a themed contest, and a few people looked apprehensive I just wanted to help get everyone motivated.They were worried about loosing. I reminded them that you don't have to win to succeed. Just look at how well Mondo has done. I told them to think about it and we would continue the discussion at the next meeting.
     I started walking home. I was so hungry I could have eaten a horse. "Really? You've eaten a horse before?" Scoffed a homeless man. "Well no, but I've seen some fallen tree branches that resembled a horse skeleton." I started dragging a tree limb. The homeless guy followed me home, he was hungry too. Everyone told me not to let him come inside, but I knew that there was more to this guy. I took him in the bathroom of our home in Hobart, and began to clean him up. Slowly as the dirt and boils went away he began to turn into a prince. As he cleaned up even more I realized it was Captain, my husband.

4/28/2012 11:00 PM - 6:30 AM
*note. This was part of a long complicated dream that involved girls camp and monsters and keeping both out of my house. There may have been trains and a covered wagon involved too. This is the only part I remember enough of to make into a story.

All I was trying to do was make a pie for Brother Hirschi. For the life of me i couldn't remember what kind he wanted even though Sister Hirschi had just called a few moments ago with the request. I had 3 pies going already and had messed all of them up.  On one pie I tried using meringue for the crust. I have no idea what I was thinking. Put it was already in the pie pain and there was no undoing it. I put it in the oven hoping that it might harden like meringue cookies. No such luck the meringue cracked and fell away from the sides of the pan. I found a pox of pre-made pie crust in the fridge. I figured with my time crunch they would be fine. I thought I could make a chocolate pudding pie, so I started blind baking the crusts. I went to go find some chocolate pudding. I had 2 half used boxes. That would work, but I'd need to figure out exactly how much milk to add. I  poured the mixes into a measuring cup, but it wasn't big enough for the 2 boxes together.  I hadn't realized there was that much in there. I checked on my crusts. They were falling away from the edges of the pan. *sighs* That always seems to happen. I managed to scrounge up one more pie pan. It was one of those disposable kind with a lid. I had held onto it after getting a pie on sale from Kroger.  I decided to make a pie with a chocolate chip cookie crust.  

4/26/2012 5:00 AM - 6:15 AM

     We were walking along the river, there was a big crowd ahead. The people were looking for something in the river, a green wheel. There was an officer instructing people to help look.  It had fallen off a toy car or wagon, I wasn't sure.  The officer came up to heather had had her look in a specific spot to see if she could find it. There were several green things we could see, but none of them were right. Then I saw it. It was a trick!  The wheel was about a foot in front of Heather's face. It was the right one too, green with a bronze band around the edge. I wanted to point it out, but the officer shot me a look. He was trying to prove a point here. He wanted to show how if people focus too hard on something they can miss the obvious.  Eventually she saw it. Heather turned a bit red but laughed at the joke. We moved on. I was going home.
     The missionary looked familiar. It took me a while to place him but then I knew it; he was Schmidt.  I squealed a little as I said it and he looked embarrassed. He was hoping none of us would have seen that show, and indeed I was the only one.  We were all in an apartment waiting. I was excited to be back, I was excited to see my family again. I gave the missionaries all hugs as I left and wished them luck.
     I had been gone for over 2 years. The people were gathering in an assembly. No one expected to see me there. I waved to Erik.  I saw some familiar children in the seats. I went quickly to give them all hugs. Something had happened to their mother and I knew I was now responsible for them. The 5 children all looked happy to see me, and so I had my own kids sit with them too. I then saw Captain and gave him a hug. I made my way to the back of the auditorium. An election was about to take place and I needed to be in the right spot. 
     I was president now and some changes needed to be made. Not everyone was happy with my election. Some dissenters were shouting out as I was giving my speech. I walked through the rows.  One lady had a task for me. She threw some plastic pieces on the floor ans asked me to pick them up. As I did so, another person seemed to be racing me. I took my pieces to the garbage and bonked heads with a ninja. She had been holding the trash can. I congratulated her on doing a successful job of hiding even though I had seen her as I approached. The derisive woman started to say this indicated bad things about me, but I cut her off. I raised my voice as I proclaimed that people had the right to feel whatever they wanted. They also could become what ever they wanted, weather it was ninjas or something else. This won me many cheers, and I was glad because I meant everything I said. I was going to change our country.
     The country had fallen into disrepair while I was gone. Connie was talking to me in the hall about all the problems we were having. This building needed some work, I could see holes forming in the rotting floor boards. As we talked I received the impression that she wanted me to fail at repairing our country. Winter was coming. I told her I was going to use the empty church buildings for housing. We didn't have the funds to build new homes, but we had many extra buildings. When we had built this country we had been over ambitions in that aspect. She was aghast. I told her how much cheaper it would be to make the small repairs. Plus, our citizens needed a warm place to be for the coming months. I told her I was going to buy food and have it shipped here from the United States. She started to protest, "But it will be full of yellow dye!" I told her it was better to ingest  unnecessary additives than it was to starve. She still protested. I continued, "I will make sure everything from the US is labeled so people have the choice not to eat it if they really don't want to."  Then I dropped the biggest bomb. I'm going to open our country up for immigration.  This had never been done before. We all came here years ago and assumed we would grow our numbers through reproduction. It had worked at first. But then we started dieing off too quick to support ourselves anymore. As a nation we were  dwindling. We needed fresh people, but I doubted many others would see it that way. They would see this as loosing our theocracy. I knew that if we let new comers in we would have to change our state run church. Freedom of religion was a thing immigrants would expect when they came here. But it was time for that anyway. People needed to want to be in our church, not forced in. 
     A bell rang. I ran though the court yard to get to my place on time. I wanted to be the first person there. I just made it. Another old lady rolled her eyes at me as I panted on the podium. She just didn't see the point of me being there first. But I knew they all needed to see me. They needed to see that I respected their time, and therefor respected them. This was important because the changes I wanted to make were going to make them wonder.
    In the parking lot I was walking to another conference. My friend pulled up and gave me a ride. She was a crazy driver, swerving all over the road on purpose. Not that we really had roads here, it was more like never ending parking structures. She parked in the handicapped spot. I was uncomfortable with this. She laughed because there were no other cars around. I said it didn't really matter. She moved the car and rolled her eyes.  As we walked into the building we passed the Giant Spider tree. A while back we had fought these creatures and the last one was  sealed into the tree.  No one was comfortable about this, but we didn't know how to fix it. We noticed it start to shake. The spider was pulling itself free. We ran. I was faster. I had just made it to the building when the spider grabbed her. She screamed as the beast devoured her body. I knew my friend was lost, even as I held the door tight  to keep out the spider. I saw another person approaching. It was Dr. House. He was going to kill the spider. He had a knife. They fought an he managed to chop off one of the spider's claws. I started to get worried, Don't do it I yelled! But he couldn't hear me. It was too late, Dr. House took the spider's claw and stabbed it through the gut. The spider died. Unfortunately these spiders kept their sperm on the outside of their claws. He had inadvertently impregnated this spider. I saw the first one of hte babies coming through the crack in the door. I gave up my attempts to hold it shut and ran for the alarm. People needed to be warned. I hit the button and pressed level 5. It was the highest alarm we had. So far there had only been one baby spider, but I knew the damage one would cause.

4/25/2012 5:45 AM - 6:45 AM

     The bus was crowded. Peeta came and sat by me. We were sitting backward in the bench to talk with the other kids. The others glared. They didn't like me. I wasn't one of them. They really didn't like that one of their own had fallen in love with me. I wasn't worried, I was confident they'd change their minds eventually. I started to doze off with Peeta's head on my shoulder. His blond hair was scratchy. I heard the kids wonder why I was there though sleepy ears. Now they were speculating on what grade I was in. The track coach told them I had finished 4 years of college. There were slight gasps. See, I knew they'd change their minds.
     We were practicing. The karate coach was having us do some complex jumping. He wanted us to do 143 of them. It was my first day here, so I was a little over whelmed. I was able to do the jump, just more slowly than the others. Jump with both feet, jump and bring the right knew up, jump with both feet, Jump and bring the left knee up. It was supposed to help with balance. 


"I hate you!" I screamed, " I want a divorce. I couldn't remember why I was so upset, but I knew there was a good reason. He gave me a sad look as he left. I knew this wasn't over. Whatever, I had other things to deal with today. I needed to meet my friends at the theater. The theater was large and crowded. I was my friend across the seats. My mom was there too. Shoot, I'd need tog o get another ticket. Spending money stressed me out, and I knew the tickets would be expensive this last minute. On top of that I couldn't find the ticket booth. The play was going to start any minute.

4/14/2012 4:00 AM -7:30 AM

     We were walking around the shopping center. I was trying to explain to them how much I loved working at calico country. "They had the nicest employees ever and I wouldn't be where I am today without Calico country," I said.  We walking into the store and said "Hi" to chuck and Steve. We all chatted. Steve started teasing me about how I kept falling asleep at the parties. I thought about it and realized he was right. I could only remember up to a certain point and then everything went blank. I must have been tired. We laughed and left with our purchases to go home.
      We were home in an unfamiliar house with lots off glass ceilings. The sky outside went grey. I could see people running to take shelter, but honestly the weather didn't look that bad, and then I saw it. A huge clump of trees was being ripped up and pulled into a cyclone could. I instinctively ducked. The tornado was huge, it looked like a vortex the size of half the city. We all went down into the bunker and watched the world be destroyed. It lasted days. 
     There were enough of us down here to restart civilization once the world was safe to live on again. I didn't quite buy that. Not the re population thing, but the fact that the world was currently uninhabitable. I had to see for myself. I snuck though the complex and dodged past the guards. I went right out the front door. And then it hit me. There was this pressure on my body like i was being smothered. I could barley move or breath. The sun was blazing hot. I could see a few other survivors walking out here, seemingly unaffected. They must have been the few who could tolerate such dramatic changes in the world. Everyone else must have died. I made it back in the complex. Our leader was there. She didn't chastise me, but looked sympathetic. I took a while to recover from the experience. My body hair, particularly on my arms and legs was now bleached white. I couldn't see my head hair but imagined it was affected as well. I knew it looked good.
     Later, they were beginning to take small groups of us to acclimate to the new world. We needed to be able to survive out there is we were going to fight. My friends and I were preparing. We had already found another one. He was waiting in our apartment. We were hiding him. He was very tall, dark, and in love with my roommate. I went to go shower, we had no concerns with nudity in my group. It was one of the few things that was different between us and the others. A new person came in. He was all embarrassed and gave me a robe. I finished getting ready and he took us to acclimate. 
     As we walked around getting used to the increased pressure we chatted and giggled. It was a fun time. The guys were ahead of us, and we started talking about them. I realized just how much I loved him. I called out his name and started running. "Will you marry me?" I asked.  He took me in his arms and spun me around and smiling said "yes." that was it we were betrothed. Out identification necklaces swapped and merged into our skin. We were now tattooed with our orange beaded vows forever. 
     Back in the apartment we were anxious to be alone. But that would have to wait. We were okay with it though because we knew we had the rest of our lives to be together. We were planning a rebellion. It would be difficult rising up against not only our leaders, but those who ruled outside. We knew that this probably won't be finished until our children were grown up, but we were willing to see it through.  We were going to start a war. 
     Our leaders were assembling everyone in the gym. there was dissension all around. I could hear others talking about me as if I didn't exist. I didn't mind though. I knew my time would come.  I would rise up and soar over the sky the free these people. The stars were aligning and everything would start soon. After all I was the girl dragon.

4/9/2012 6:30-8:00 AM

We were chatting. It had been awkward seeing him again. Everyone knew he was my ex, and there had been, with his group of friends. The one with the dark hair.  One friend piped up, "Don't worry, You'll find the one." "I have," I said, "I'm married after all." There was silence to that. I was trying to remember why this felt so ominous. I couldn't remember who exactly I had married after all. He must have left, or maybe I had. It was all very confusing and vaguely frightening. The silence continued.  

They had all  left me behind, just because I needed to nurse my baby. Not that she was cooperating very well. She seemed to refuse to latch on. It was frustrating. I was alone, in a strange place; a very boring, bland place. I walked through the 1st level. It was done all in a  sterile white. It seemed to glow slightly blue. The layout was done so everything was in a straight line. First there was the entry room, then family room, dining room, and kitchen. I supposed it was a duplex. There was a dog upstairs, so I didn't venture up there. I decided since they left me all by myself I was going to redecorate the home. Purple tiles for the kitchen. 

4/6/2012 12:00-4:00 AM

We were visit teaching an inactive member. Well I should say I was listening to my companion teach. I was mostly nodding my head to everything she said as I sat on the arm of the couch. Mrs. Blevins was a  very difficult person for me to visit.  I never knew what to say. The two of them went off somewhere and I shifted down into the far side of the couch. My mom was sitting in the chair across from me. Mrs. Blevins came back with an old church flyer and a set of scriptures. She read out loud from both to me. They seemed contradicted each other. She was trying to draw me out into an argument.  My mom started instantly debating with her. I tried to read the passages, but the words kept shifting making it an impossibility. I kept thinking she had a very narrow interpretation.

3/29/2012 4:00-6:30 AM

I was going down when everyone else was coming up. I couldn't find my classroom. A young man stopped to help me. He looked familiar, but i couldn't place him. I could tell he was having the same problem. We made awkward hellos before he pointed me on my way. 80215, it was up 2 floors and to the left. I enter the classroom uncertain of what I will find. Inside is the strangest art class I have ever seen. There are the normal things like paint and desks, but every student is working independently on very abstract work. The teacher give me a spiel about how i probably won't be able to hack it here, then tells me to get to work. No guidance at all. I decide to draw the way light reflects on water. It is raining through the windows, and there is potted grass with dew for me to study. Fortunately there is no rush for me to finish anything.

3/28/2012 5:00-7:00 AM

The teacher was absent. For a moment I was excited for the class to be cancelled. Unfortunately a substitute showed up with a massive exam for us. We all groaned, so unfair. I quickly flipped through to look for answers I knew, but before I began the substitute switched gears. He started advertising about some wonder drug. something that would help us with school and in life. We all were confused.  Then the substituted stabbed a student in the front row with his concoction. Nothing happened. I figured it was a fake vial and a fake student. The class started yelling at him, but we couldn't get him to stop. Eventually we all just left and headed to the cafeteria. As we gather around the table the student actor walks up. He's trying to convince us that the demonstration wasn't staged. I seriously disagree. He pulls out the syringe. I'm convinced it has a hollow tube inside so that the liquid empties out like a toy baby bottle. We measure the liquid that come out. It has an accurate volume. I was wrong. The student actor guy rubs it in my face. I just laugh and let him have his moment. 

3/27/2012 6:30-8:00 AM

We had just hunted him down. Two against one and the odds were in our favor. We attacked. Every hit drew blood, but it didn't slow him down. That's when I noticed, his weapon was from a small cache we had found in an abandoned hotel room earlier that day. There was something special about it. Our opponent had blood dripping down his face when he laughed. He was the last of the escaped souls left. He was also the first one out, and the most dangerous. After all, he was the reason there was a hell to begin with. Captain struggled with him and managed to get control of the hell weapon. He was about to go in for the kill, but the soul had other plans. The would darted through a strange misty grey curtain set in a brick arch. He laughed again. This time I knew why. We would never be able to follow him in. He was back in his own territory. Captain took the hell weapon and slashed at the misty curtain. It began to burn. He had destroyed the last opening between our world and theirs. We went back to the hotel room, everything had been taken. Our companions were disappointed at the loss of equipment, but they understood we did our best.

I was giving a tour of the church. The relief society room had been redone now that the nursery had been moved across the hall.  Fresh paint, new artwork, and clean carpet gave it a brand new feel again. We finished our tour in the gym where a impromptu market place was just about to close. I wandered over to a table full of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. These were not your standard miniatures either. They were individual pats so you could build exactly what you desired. His collection of weapons was impressive. It looked like he had sold nothing all day. I really had no interest in buying anything either, but I couldn't help but browse. Miniatures attract me like magnets. As the guy finished closing up his shop, Captain wandered over. He began to inquire the ages of the young men manning the booth. Captain was looking to find players for a game. They were 15. That would have been ok, except they lived over 2 hours away. Too much of a drive to pick them up and drop them off again. We left the activity in our car and I had a vague sense of uneasiness I always get while driving.

3/24/2012 4:30-6:30 AM

It was raining hard. We were under a flood warning. The neighbors were staying with us because their roof was leaking. Our house had an extra room I didn't remember it having. It worked out for the neighbors though. It rained for over a day, but it seemed like night the whole time.

3/18/2012 6:30- 7:30 AM

We were driving home from school in a moving van. It was raining and we had been driving all day. This was one of those vans where you could walk right from your seat to the cargo. The side window was blocked so I started to move things around. Captain needed to see better. Then he came to help me move the stuff.  I screamed, "Go drive, I've got this." Driving gives me anxiety. I looked out the window. We were driving over roof tops; must be on a bridge. That's right, I remember this road. It will take us up and down like a roller coaster. My anxiety increased. I started to feel rain drops. Captain had left the back of the truck open. As I walked toward  the back I realized the floor had unrolled a bit so our stuff was actually sticking out past he end of the truck. I ran on the floor like a tread mill to pull it back in, then proceeded to rearrange the stuff to close the door. Why he had packed it like this I'll never know. There was plenty of space in the truck, but for some reason the majority of our stuff was piled up right at the back. I got the door closed, and the rain stopped.  I went back up to the front of the truck and did my best not to imagine the roads we were driving over. I was ready to be home.

3/15/2012 6:00 -8:12 AM

Captain was dead. I had adjusted though, after all it happened several years ago. Still, it was odd being asked on a date, by some kid no less. Though, truthfully he wasn't much of a kid. Only a year or so younger than me. He just seemed so young. Maybe it was because he went on his mission so late in life. I remember seeing pictures of him serving in London. Or maybe it was because I had 2 kids and he had none. Either way, Kyle seemed so young. I reminded him of my children. He looked surprised and paused before saying that's fine. We mostly walked around talking.  Heather was there the whole time. It was appropriate since she was there when we met way back in 2002.  He left, Heather and I went home to put he kids to bed. The stairs to our room were tricky. I got caught in the trap, but we managed to escape. Trying to get 3 kids to sleep in one room proved to be much more difficult.

3/14/2012 6:10-7:20 AM

We were arguing. He was trying to convince me that Princess Leah was not incredibly sexy in her metal bikini. A million thought raced through my mind, mainly that this guy needed his gender revoked, and then it hit me. I left the oven on, and my cake was going to burn. ran all the way home.  the brick steps  opened the door and smoke came pouring out. It cleared up as  entered the kitchen. I had left the oven on, but the cake had been removed on time. I had forgotten. It was a beauty too, layers of chocolate cake, Oreos and neapolitian ice-cream. I was trying to figure out if I could use it to win my Leah argument, when my friends and brothers came in. Everyone enjoyed the cake. We ate mostly in silence enjoying the ambiance of the yellow walls, brick back splash and dark cabinets. It was time to go. The way home took me through a multi-level shopping center. I was on the top floor and the exits were at the bottom. As i walked through trying to find the stairs I ran into some old friends. Melina and her sister Janessa were doing some crafts. They looked busy so I said a quick hello and moved on. I found the stairs, but at the bottom was a men's locker room. That wouldn't do. It was getting late, I knew I would be trapped here if I didn't get out soon. Back up the stairs I went. The craft room and yarn stores were now closed up. Everything was dark. I jumped across the hall to avoid the traps. A mall clown found me, and took pity on us. She took us to the door. I begged her to come with us, bit she said it as her home. She would disappear if she left it. Ginka and I ran off.

3/13/2012 12:00-3:30 AM

We had met in a parking lot to catch up. It had been a long time since Maili and I had seen each other. It was dark, her car was white. A man approached to speak with us. Maili was snatched, they tried to get me, but I made it to the car. I was trying to drive away, but something was wrong with the pedals and the snatchers were able to keep up on foot. The steering was messed up and I wound up running. I reached the school, and found a ransom message. They wanted 2 million. Really? Who did they think I was? There was no way I could pay that, so I set out to find her. I was trying to find someone to help asking everyone I saw. One lady thought I was crazy. She had me lay down on a cot and gave me some tranquilizer. It went into my thigh, like a bug attached to a string burrowing. Amazingly I had spend the last few years building up an immunity to anesthesia via bug. Instead of knocking me out, it merely numbed the pain from the attack. As soon as the nurse left the room I ran off, there were stairs involved. Many Many stairs. Finally, I reached the top where I lived. My roommate answered. She also though I was crazy. She had never heard of Maili and was convinced I was hallucinating. That is until the showed up to get me. I ran into the bedroom and she stalled them at the door. Frantically I braced my body against the frame to lift up off the floor. It almost worked. Then they had me. HELP HELP HELP!


Doug Harvey said...

I have never remembered a dream this well.

Doug Harvey said...

I like the story about the monster spider, but I feel a bit responsible.