Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet Sunsets

We were playing outside the other evening.

Cecilia had her ball.

Harvey had his racket.

He's even hit Cecilia's ball for her sometimes and then Ginka would retrieve it.

Cecilia is beginning to walk along things now.

The steps are a convenient location for her to practice.

She is still a little wobbly.
But she always manages to get what she wants.

Especially if she notices my attention wandering.

Even if it only is to take a photo of her brother.

Cecilia is not one to be ignored.

"Hey mama, look I climbed the step."

"Don't you know that is extremely difficult for my chubby thighs."

Harvey understands her plight, he's been there before.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Evenings

 Harvey and Cecilia LOVE when daddy comes home, even if they don't show it in photos.

 I have received more compliments while walking this dog than I have for either kid. Ginka is growing into a beautiful dog.

Harvey has a love hate relationship with Ginka. He loves her to chase balls, and eat food but hates when she chases him.

 Most days Cecilia looks so much like Captain's side of the family I wonder how in the world I gave birth to her. But, days like this, I can see a glimmer of me in that baby.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harvey Antics

Here are some photos of Harvey from the past month.

Harvey showing off his angry bird shirt. It is still his favorite shirt. It is one of the only things I can get him to wear consistently.

This photo was the reason Harvey's room now has a toddler proof door knob. Harvey had figured out how to open his bedroom door, and wasn't sleeping at night anymore. He would wait till we fell asleep and get up. Each time he'd leave evidence. This particular occasion he hid the sprinkles in the couch so that when he got up the next day he could have them. I'm not sure why he chose to roll in them rather than eat them, but whatevs.

This one was taken during general conference. Harvey was tired but didn't want to nap, so he asked for Captain to hold him in the sling. Well as you can imagine, a 30 lbs squiggling toddler won't sit still well in a sling. So we let him use it with his puppy.
This kept him still for nearly 15 minutes! I now want to make him a toddler sized sling.

Harvey's primary teacher gave the whole classes stuffed animals. I guess they had a lesson about how animals are good. Anyways Harvey loves that duck. So do Cecilia  and Ginka, and there have been fights over it.
That's my boy. He's growing up more and more every day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awesome Cake

We celebrated Captain's birthday a while back.
I made a very awesome cake that was yummy to eat.

I made a pound cake with strawberry mousse and an old fashioned chocolate glaze.  The pound cake was great, the strawberry mousse was good and the glaze was amazing. Next time I will make the pound cake in a bunt pan, glaze it and have the mouse on the side. The mouse as a filling wasn't strong enough to hold the pound cake up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


We had a very lovely Easter last week.
There was a lot of prep work. Above is an egg shaped cake pop. Below is a powdered sugar egg mold to make egg shaped candies such as butter finger eggs. I also used it to make suckers. I had fun baking and making candies.

Though this week I've been living mostly on sugar because of it.

We went up to Saint Louis and had a nice time visiting family and friends. The kids had an Easter egg hunt. This is Harvey's 3rd year at this so he is getting the hang of it finally.

Cecilia watching the boys run around. This gal is ready to be able to keep up with the boys. Owen was very sweet and shared some of his Easter eggs with her.

Can you believe those boys are only 6 months apart?

I love that grin. Harvey and Owen are great friends. I had to ask them like 5 times though to get a hug picture.

This is Owen's new baby sister, Maylynn. Squashy baby cheeks are hard to resist.

I managed to get a slight burn while we were a the park. Harvey, Cecilia, Ginka and I went to a park by Rachel's school while she and Captain looked at cadavers. I know, very appropriate for Easter.

Cecilia and Harvey's Easter baskets. Harvey didn't get his until after church and after he woke up from his nap. His reaction was "Oh WOW COOL CRAZY." Cecilia may have mumbled something but her mouth was too full of felt handle to really tell.

I made smores, Lollipops, gumdrops, cake pops, and butter finger eggs. The cake pops, and butter fingers were the best. The smores were pretty good too but next time I want to use an egg based marshmallow recipe. The suckers we not great. I used lemon to flavor them and didn't put enough in so instead of tasting like lemon drops they tasted slightly medicinal. Also, it is really humid here so they never dried all the way. The gumdrop recipe is probably good, but I over cooked them. They are more like little solid sugar cubes that taste like frosting. VERY sweet, even Harvey could only take one or two bites and then he was done. I bet they would be great in tea. Actually I think the lollipops would be good to sweeten tea too. Of course this is all purely guessing since I don't actually drink tea.

Cecilia LOVED the marshmallows. She made a sticky mess.

Harvey kept trying to eat everyone's cake pops. once those were gone he wanted the butter finger eggs.

Look! That's our family. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I did it! I waxed my neck. I t was a bit painful, but not as bad as a bikini wax. I will probably do this again, although next time I will put petroleum jelly in my hair line. My good friend Annalisa did it for me and saved me $40. Sweet right? Even better, I didn't have to call anyone on the phone or find  a babysitter.  I don't have any photos at the moment, but I will eventually. I promise that to me it looks amazing, and to anyone else they probably would never notice.

In other goal news, I am now running 3 miles with only 2 breaks! Next week there will only be 1 break. I'm planning on running a 5k on Memorial day weekend with Captain. I find it amazing how when I started 2 blocks of jogging would wind me, and now I can go nearly a mile. Also, I need a new pair of running shoes.

Other than that I've been reading in proverbs. I'm still working on old testament scripture mastery. I haven't got myself to even touch the piano let alone practice yet. I need to work on that. And pushups are harder than I thought they would be. My plan is for next month to sew something for myself. Probably more than one thing! I have plans for a simple skirt and a swimsuit.