Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harvey Antics

Here are some photos of Harvey from the past month.

Harvey showing off his angry bird shirt. It is still his favorite shirt. It is one of the only things I can get him to wear consistently.

This photo was the reason Harvey's room now has a toddler proof door knob. Harvey had figured out how to open his bedroom door, and wasn't sleeping at night anymore. He would wait till we fell asleep and get up. Each time he'd leave evidence. This particular occasion he hid the sprinkles in the couch so that when he got up the next day he could have them. I'm not sure why he chose to roll in them rather than eat them, but whatevs.

This one was taken during general conference. Harvey was tired but didn't want to nap, so he asked for Captain to hold him in the sling. Well as you can imagine, a 30 lbs squiggling toddler won't sit still well in a sling. So we let him use it with his puppy.
This kept him still for nearly 15 minutes! I now want to make him a toddler sized sling.

Harvey's primary teacher gave the whole classes stuffed animals. I guess they had a lesson about how animals are good. Anyways Harvey loves that duck. So do Cecilia  and Ginka, and there have been fights over it.
That's my boy. He's growing up more and more every day.

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Anonymous said...

He is sure handsome.