Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

In Celebration of St Patrick's Day, I give to you the kitchen island re-vamped. Small changes to the overall structure should make it easier and faster to build, and a little more sturdy. But the biggest reason for the changes is..... Home depot carries tops exactly 24.75" x 47.75" and that threw everything off. So unless i want to shell out more money for an actual butcher block I needed to redo it. Plus, I like the way the new doors look!

And to answer Tori's question from the last post, No I did not get this from Knock off wood, but the site did motivate me to make actual plans for the island rather than buying 2 cabinets and gluing a top on. Anyways this new island is made from 1x4's, 1x12's, and 1X2's.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, I'm working on a dress from a t-shirt i ruined the bottom of. Originally i wanted to pair the coral with navy, but I don't have any. I do have ivory all ready to go. BUT Which do you think looks better?

Ivory or navy?

AND should i put a band of the accent color around the bottom of the dress?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Haricut for Harvey

Things are changing as quickly as mid-western weather here in the Smith household. Harvey is no longer an infant, and is learning many new things. He walks, talks (well babbles) and can throw a mean tantrum. He loves to dance, loves music, and is starting to like new foods (YEAY!). All in All Harvey is a pretty fun toddler now.

Today Harvey and I visited the Barber
His hair cut may have thrown Harvey's balance off. Notice the protruding tongue to help descend the stairs.

I think the Barber did a great job, especially since Harvey was throwing a tantrum and crying his head off during the whole thing.

Just so you know, Harvey has learned a new trick. He absolutely LOVES High Five-ing people now. Once you start ye has a hard time stopping.
I find it's really handy too because I can call out to him" Harvey! High Five!" and he comes running.
My boy may not be able to wave, be he does a mean High Five.
He's also learning how to climb up and down stairs. He fell once, and has been extra careful since.
He takes the stairs nice and slow.
Which is very lucky for Cloe as it is the only thing that saves her from constant baby hugs.

By the way, this is how long Harvey's hair had become. Pic taken on the same day as the rest of these.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Island

Preview of the island Captain and I are making for the kitchen. I wanted something with storage for my baking suplies, but still have room for seating. This is what I came up with. Wanna make it too? Here's what you will need.

(4) 1"*12" board
(1) 1" * 4" board
(1) 4'*8' sheet
170" of 2" trim for doors
100" of 1" trim for drawer
(1) 3"*3" post
(1) 24" * 48" top... I'm gonna use a butcher block.

* i may purchase fancy table legs instead of posts, but i wasn't able to draw them that way. We'll see how much they cost.

Cut List:
from the 1"*12" boards
(2) 32.75" sides
(2) 27.25" center supports
(2) 12" center shelves
(1) 15.5" cabinet shelve
(1) 46" Bottom
(1) 44.5"Cabinet tops
(1) 42.5" Drawer bottom

From the 1*4 board
(1) 42" drawer back
(2) 11.5" drawer sides

from the 4'*8' sheet
(1) 45.5"*4.25" drawer face
(2) 16"*27.5" door faces
(1) 46"*32.75" Back

from the 3"*3" post
(2) 32.75" table legs

I don't know about screws or anything, I haven't actually made this yet. Anyways I'll keep updating you all with how it goes! Any suggestions on colors?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A hiking we will go.

Tuesday Harvey and I walked to our friends house to surprise them. Harvey was a great sport about it, chattering about all the new things he was seeing. The best part about walking to a friends house is you get a nice long break half way though your walk. We played and had green eggs for lunch to honor Dr. Suess's birthday. Our friend snapped this pic for us as we were heading out, and Harvey fell asleep about 2.5 seconds later.