Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A hiking we will go.

Tuesday Harvey and I walked to our friends house to surprise them. Harvey was a great sport about it, chattering about all the new things he was seeing. The best part about walking to a friends house is you get a nice long break half way though your walk. We played and had green eggs for lunch to honor Dr. Suess's birthday. Our friend snapped this pic for us as we were heading out, and Harvey fell asleep about 2.5 seconds later.


dougharvey8648 said...

nice pig tails

T.J. said...

sweet picture! I love walking with Bear on my back- especially when he is whispering sweet nothings (and not roaring complaints) in my ear :)

alanna said...

SUCH a cute picture! you look gorgeous and his little smile is the most precious thing ever!