Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

In Celebration of St Patrick's Day, I give to you the kitchen island re-vamped. Small changes to the overall structure should make it easier and faster to build, and a little more sturdy. But the biggest reason for the changes is..... Home depot carries tops exactly 24.75" x 47.75" and that threw everything off. So unless i want to shell out more money for an actual butcher block I needed to redo it. Plus, I like the way the new doors look!

And to answer Tori's question from the last post, No I did not get this from Knock off wood, but the site did motivate me to make actual plans for the island rather than buying 2 cabinets and gluing a top on. Anyways this new island is made from 1x4's, 1x12's, and 1X2's.


alanna said...

ahhhh! i just discovered your blog because of your comment on someone else's (maybe Tori's?) and YOUR SON IS PRECIOUS! like bring tears to your eyes precious! i am currently going to go on a commenting spree on your blog because you are the CUTEST and i can't wait to start following!

Athena said...

What color are his eyes