Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Island

Preview of the island Captain and I are making for the kitchen. I wanted something with storage for my baking suplies, but still have room for seating. This is what I came up with. Wanna make it too? Here's what you will need.

(4) 1"*12" board
(1) 1" * 4" board
(1) 4'*8' sheet
170" of 2" trim for doors
100" of 1" trim for drawer
(1) 3"*3" post
(1) 24" * 48" top... I'm gonna use a butcher block.

* i may purchase fancy table legs instead of posts, but i wasn't able to draw them that way. We'll see how much they cost.

Cut List:
from the 1"*12" boards
(2) 32.75" sides
(2) 27.25" center supports
(2) 12" center shelves
(1) 15.5" cabinet shelve
(1) 46" Bottom
(1) 44.5"Cabinet tops
(1) 42.5" Drawer bottom

From the 1*4 board
(1) 42" drawer back
(2) 11.5" drawer sides

from the 4'*8' sheet
(1) 45.5"*4.25" drawer face
(2) 16"*27.5" door faces
(1) 46"*32.75" Back

from the 3"*3" post
(2) 32.75" table legs

I don't know about screws or anything, I haven't actually made this yet. Anyways I'll keep updating you all with how it goes! Any suggestions on colors?


T.J. said...

no suggestions, but just want to say you're going to love it! in our previous house we had built a little mini one and it was ok, but when we moved to Vermont the house already had a nice big one and I love it!! Bear and I spend lots of time on it prepping dinner, rolling out cookies, painting... doing just about anything that requires space!

Tori and Chad said...

Are these plans from Knock Off Wood?

Also, Harvey looks soooo much like Captain!