Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

A blog I read called "my Charming Kids" has this thing called "not me monday" You can go to her site if you want to read the rules. I know that this week was suppsed to be "not my kid" but... well I dont want to. But anyways Keep in mind that when I'd say "i'd never, or my kid would never" Most likely it has happened twice this week.

I would never upon finding that I left my kroger card at home just apply for a new one so that i can save $5. And I really would never do it twice in one week. Nope not me!

I certainly would never plan a day long shopping spree, drive all the way (1/2 hour) to the stores, pick out what I'd like to have and then realize i've left my wallet at home. Nope, not me!

I'd never let the cat baby sit Harvey while i'm trying to clean the bathroom, nope not me! And Certainly if I was to do something, I would never leave my hard heavy camera with its attractively long strap sitting on the couch well within reach for Harvey to tug on. Not me! If for some crazy this did happen, then I would never seeing my screaming baby and the large welt blooming upon his brow, laugh at him, hope that he will someday learn not to pull large heavy objects on his head, and then rush to use the offending object to take a photo. Nope not me.

harveys bump

I also would never let Harvey play in a "dangerous" room, not me! Espically not one with unfished outlets and exposed electrical wires within his reach.

harveys socket

And lastly I would NEVER EVER think that a crying baby is hilarious, especially when he has been crying all day. Upon finding a screaming baby, I would never run to find the camera and take pictures rather than comforting him like a good mom. Nope not me.

These last two pictures are of Harvey's ongoing war with gravity. I believe gravity is winning.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Oh no! Leaving your wallet at home is the worst! Especially if you have to drive 30 minutes to the store!

Juline said...

Ha! This cracked me up :).