Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Post Without Pictures

Harvey has learned a new skill, which he delights in sharing with all who gaze upon him. Would you like to know what skill it is? This new talent is "the raspberry" That's right folks, Harvey is a spitting machine-- albeit cute spitting.

"The raspberry" combined with Harvey's brand new tooth nubin', provide ample drool dispersal to anyone who happens to bring their face within range.

To the random stranger in the store who smiles at our beautiful boy, Harvey spits in their general direction. When our cat attempts to sneak by, but happens to be caught in Harvey's fists, he raspberries contentedly unconcerned by the fur now covering his face.

This day was unavoidable. Perhaps because his mother has been trying to teach this for months now, but she would like to blame it as a phase all babies go though. Nevertheless, Harvey is enjoying himself immensely and is quite proud of this new feat.

(pictures to come when we find the camera charger)

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