Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baths & Yard Sales

I decided last minute that I wanted to go to some yard sales on Saturday.  By last minute I mean 6 am because for some reason I was wide awake even though I stayed up till 8 pm the night before.

The kids took a quick bath before we left.  They love this. Yesterday, I started running a bath for Harvey and I yelled to Cecilia who was all the way across the house, "Cecilia, would you like a bath?" She came crawling to the bathroom as fast as her little legs would carry her.

Ginka wanted to help. She would probably climb in if we let her. This dog loves water. She tries to sit in her water bowl. She also tries to dig it deeper. When we go for runs after it rains, she splashes all the puddles as much as she can.

Cecilia is starting to be a ham for the camera. Which is nice because Harvey doesn't like sitting still at all.

FYI As hard as it is to yard sale with kids, you wind up with better deals. People love little kids. I spent $40, and got a vintage silverware set, 2 wing back chairs, 2 picture frames, 5 Disney movies, a play tent, a crochet blanket, some toys, and a big stack of clothes for Cecilia. Oh and that 3rd wing back chair we picked up at a yard sale a week ago for $5. We now have more comfy chairs than we have room for.

Next weekend I'm hoping to score some night stands.

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Judy K said...

I love Cecilia's expression while she gets dog licked!