Saturday, May 12, 2012


This month I sewed somethign for myself designed by myself. Sure, it was jsut a circle skirt and took maybe 2 hours to make. Seeing as I havnt sewn clothes for myself in about two years now I think this is great improvement.
I got this fabric from the Fabric Fairy. I won a contest from Made by Rae which I how I found out about this place. I really like the fabric. I have enough to make a shirt and some baby leggins still.

If you ever make a circle skirt out of knit fabric, remember to make the center smaller than you normally would. The fabric stretches more than you would expect.

The nice thing about the strechiness is that I can wear the skirt up high like this, or down lower on my hips.  I added elastic into the waist band seam to help it stay up better. I'm not sure it really needed it though.

Hopefully this will motivate me to start sewing clothing more regularly. I'd really like to make some hot pink capris, a swimsuit, and do up some fun shirts.

Other goal news, I'm jogging now with no breaks, 3.2 miles. On Memorial Day Captain and I are running a 5k. It is a non competitive fitness walk technically, but I'm gonna jog anyways. I have no idea if the proceeds go to anything.  Also, since Captain is running it with me, I'm totally counting it as a date.

I'm going through scriptures faster than I thought I would, but still needing a lot of outside pressure to do any pushups at all. My dreams are getting weirder the more I write them down. Lastly I have plans to start the piano practicing this summer too while Captain is home more to keep the kids away while I do it. Cecilia LOVES to bang on the exact same keys I need to use. Harvey is more polite and will push on the end keys instead.

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Judy K said...

You don't look like you ever had babies!