Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy First Birthday Cecilia!

We took some photos for Cecilia's birthday. I still plan to mail out cards even though they will be a few weeks late. She should mostly still look the same by then. I would like to thank Jennie Baer for taking these photos. She is amazing.

Cecilia was a bit gun shy for these. It was difficult to coax any kind of smile out of her. She did however, stay put the whole time. Unlike her brother when he took is 1 year photos.

Right now Cecilia is 18.5 lbs and 27.75 inches tall.  That puts her in the 10% for kid sizes. It is bigger than I ever was, but smaller than Captain

Cecilia sleeps though the night in her own bed. She goes to bed around 7pm and is awake usually just before 7am.  She takes 2 naps a day for about 1 hour each. I'm ready for her to consolidate those.

Her favorite things are animals, dirt and food. Her favorite foods are greenbeans, cheese, and cake.

Cecilia can pull her self up and walk while holding on to something. She can kneel, crawl up, and fall down stairs. She can wave, drink from a cup (still spills a lot), and hold a spoon well enough to sword fight with dad.
This is my favorite photo. Also, those overalls have not been worn since. I don't want them becoming dirty. Cecilia stains all her clothes.

Maybe we will have something special enough to dress up for. Something inside  a nice air conditioned room.

We did a cake smash with Cecilia. Cake is one of her favorite foods after all.I made that cake. Funny story, That is actually the 3rd cake I made. The first one got eaten when we postponed the photoshoot. The second one was "sliced" by Harvey. It is now in the freezer waiting to be made into a trifle.

Cecilia started out very dainty.

Wait for it...
Face plant.

So much for dainty. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! May the cake be ever in your flavor.


Tori said...

Hahaha, that is too cute though!

Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous. I'm so jealous that you have a friend nearby to do all this cute photography for you.

Judy K said...

Aww Cecilia is growing up way too fast!