Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Cuts

A few weeks back Harvey had a birthday party to go to, so we decided to get his hair cut for the occasion.

I thought his hair was adorable, but Captain had been wanting to cut it for months.

To be fair, by this point the hair was in Harvey's eyes, and it was matting up in the back. Also, with the weather around here, the excessive amount of hair was keeping his head over warm. Harvey just had to walk outside and he would break out with sweat on his lip.

We went to the local barber shop and had it cut.  We walked in, and I could feel all 3 barbers rolling their eyes at his hair length.

They did a great job. Harvey did a pretty good job of holding still too. I keep reminding myself that it will grow back. 

Short hair seems to make boys look older. My toddler has been replaced with a pre-schooler. I suppose that is just how life is.

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Judy K said...

Harvey's summer cut looks great!