Friday, September 18, 2009

Flying Trapeeze

See that blur? That is a happy Harvey.

He LOVES being tossed in the air by his papa...

most of the time.


All over.


Washington Cowgirl said...

Tell Captain is face looks awesome in the last picture. He should be an underwear model.
Also, please tell him he will never be allowed to hold any of my children because I would pee my pants if he threw them in the air!!!

Athena said...

See I like Harvey's faces in these photo there great, and it only makes the kid stronger.

Anonymous said...

I won't show my mom these pics. My whole life, whenever I've been in a room where a baby was thrown into the air my mom's voice has been whispering in my ear "Don't ever let me catch your husband doing that to my grandbabies." Even when I was 5 years old. Yeah... Miss you!!