Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthday Party!

For those of you who were wondering how we celebrated Harvey's birthday, here are the details. We are sorry it took so long to post about. We had a small party with our friends on a Saturday afternoon. We started outside while we waited for everyone to show up. Remember Harvey's aversion to grass? Well he doesn't care much for leaves either. Everyone else did though!

Then we all went inside and played with the balloons Jennie A. brought over for us. Did you know kids LOVE balloons? Yea that's right, they had more fun with these than the pinata.

Eventually we sang to Harvey. He didn't know what to think of the candle at first. I tried to get him to blow on it but that wasn't about to happen, nope not our little boy. He wanted to touch that flame and touch it he did. He put his sticky little fingers right on that flickering candle and gasped when not only did it disappear, but his finger was bit in the process.

That star on Captain's head was the pinata. I made it out of the box Harvey's car seat came in. We used pull strings to open it rather than beating it with a stick. Note: If you do this type be prepared for grabbing fists wanting to pull all the strings at once! Did I mention that Harvey's brithday is 6 days after Halloween and that candy is super cheap? Well it is. I foresee many pinata's in Harvey's future.

Lastly we opened presents. And when i say 'we' I mean EVERYONE. No one wanted to wait patiently for Harvey to crinkle his way through the paper.

So that was it! Maybe next year you can be here instead of just reading about it :P

Awesome cupcake recipe to come later.


Sarah Webb said...

I like how you put the pictures in groups like that. And pinatas are awsome! Happy birthday Harvey!

Athena said...

It looks like you guys had alot of fun with family and friends. I love you all.

Jennie Baer said...

Wish we had gotten there earlier to play in the leaves!

So glad we were able to be a part of Harvey's first B-Day.