Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Hang a set of pictures.

This post is for Logan who asked how our house was coming along.

If you are like me, after moving into a house it takes about 3 years before you are ready to nail holes into the walls. And by this point you have so many its hard to know what to do. So what you do is cut paper templates out the size of your frames. Rearrange them around on the floor till you find a patten you like, and then tape them to the wall.

It helps if you mark on the paper where the nail needs to go. that way you don't have to guess. It keeps the spacing more even. Now you are ready to put your nails in and Hang you pics!

Beautiful eh? When you have lots of pics I find this is the easiest way to arrange them. If you just have a few it might be overkill, but then again it gives good results.

By the way, how do you guys like the wall color? It used to be this horrid orange. The trim was orange too. I know, Awful. But this color is nice. It's called 'coco rose' and yes, you can get it at Walmart. I know people say good paint makes a big difference, but I haven't found a big difference yet.


Athena said...

I love it, the paint and the pictures look wonderful together I also like your kitty.

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