Thursday, June 24, 2010

Castle Park

I'm just going to apologize right now for the number of photos in this post. A few weeks ago Anna and I took our kiddos out to this amazing park here. It is a private memorial park in town that has a giant castle maze and incredible statues throughout the whole thing.

Harvey was completely unimpressed at the get go.

There was this giant dragon, the other kiddos loved it.

Harvey could care less.

Take a good look at that face. No interest whatsoever.

So we had a juice break and then entered the castle.

Here is where Harvey started paying attention. See it's not so bad.

Things to climb on,

and poke at,

and reach for.

See?! Almost a smile while running around.

And then we found a puddle on the back of a dragon and there was pure joy.

Unfortunately for Harvey this was about 2.5 minutes before we needed to leave.

So recap, 1.5 hours of unimpressed, .45 hours of interest, 2.5 seconds of pure joy. And then he passed out.

How is your summer going?


Sarah Webb said...

Looks like an awsome place!

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Never apologize for your great photos, when you said that I thought to myself "Does this mean she only posted one picture?" Looks like a fun park- the statues remind me of a few pictures I have of us at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

i heart your picture stories

Judy K said...

how did Harvey scuff up his nose?