Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sun Hats

Two more things finished on my list o' chores!

That's right I made Harvey and Cecilia sun hats for our trip to dc.

Harvey LOVES his hat, Lia... not so much. In her defense, it is hard to keep a hat on ones head when one is lying down all the time. Harvey on the other hand grabs his hat every time we run out the door.

Hat hair. hehehe

Summer 2011 Projects

Lia Blessing Gown
Teepees for gulbrandsons
Rocket ship backpack
Car backpack
Grey & yellow bag
Hobby horse
Roman shade
Bucket hat
Captain Sling
Captain Quilt
Car blanket
Finish dresser
Button Monogram
Cupcake tee
Octopus tee
Ruffled diaper covers
Refashion Captain Purple Shirt
Refashion Captain Blue shirt
Diaper bag snack pouch
Wet bag
Refashion old white skirt
Refashion prom dress
Air mattress Bag
Crib sheet
Porta-crib sheet

1 comment:

Judy said...

I see Harvey still has his full complement of misquito bites :D