Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I found some more photos from our vacation that I wanted to share.
We visited with the Bahr Grandparents while we were there. It was everyone's nap time so the kids were a little fussy.
But Granpa Cecil took us out to see the calves. He calls them babies. I think that is adorable.

After that we went to the Smith Granparents' home.

We played with puppies and Uncle Marshall. This is Gideon, the sire of the puppy coming to live with us next month.
Harvey, Captain and Uncle Marshall also has fun playing with the marshmallow guns. Harvey never did get the hang of shooting them though. We'd place a marshmallow for him to shoot and he'd just suck it back into him mouth. We also had no problems with marshmallows left around the house. Between Harvey, the dogs and the cats they were all picked up.

Captain and Marshall also introduced Harvey to the wonders of ice bowling. I wasn't there for this, but it seems like he had fun.

These are some photos we took after feeding the ducks.

Both kiddos were having so much fun they didn't want to leave.

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Judy K said...

I LOVE the Ice canal bowling!