Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Play Kitchen

The kids received a play kitchen for Christmas this year.They were pretty excited to discover it in front of the tree that morning. Harvey was most interested in the tap lights. Cecilia loved the removable sink and knobs. Neither one really cares about the dry erase board on the door.

Harvey kept saying "You build it!" He had watched Captain and I turn an old entertainment center we found on craigslist into this new toy. We had most of the supplies to make this, but wound up spending about $20  for the extra parts. Still, $20 isn't bad for such a big Christmas gift.

The nice thing about the kitchen is it is sturdy enough for my kids. They are not gentle with toys yet. In fact, the biggest disappointment was when Harvey tried to crack a wooden egg on the kitchen counter. He was upset that the egg didn't open. I was grateful nothing was chipped.

We keep it in the kitchen now, and so far one of the kids has "cooked" with me every time I've made a meal. Also, I'd like to point out that I built that oven door from scratch. I mean, Captain did all the drilling, but I did the design and the cuts.

To those who are wondering, no, I don't have a before picture. I was in a hurry, but it basically looked the same. Except it was brown with a glass door and one big drawer underneath. 

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute and sturdy--they will have hours of fun play time grandma