Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dormant Volcano

A while back, Harvey asked if we could go see a volcano. At first I said no, but quickly changed my mind because - why not go see a volcano? PopPop Doug and I took the kids up to Mt. St. Helen's to see some lava tubes. Harvey and Cecilia were not particularly impressed with the giant mile long one. It was too cold, dark, and scary they said. Harvey was a trouper and walked most of the 2 miles in the scary tunnel, but Cecilia was carried most of the way by either PopPop or myself. That was when i found out two things. One that i needed a new baby carrier. Slings don't cut it for Flynn sized babies. Two, If I really have to, I can carry one baby on my front and one on my back at the same time. After all of this we took them to see some smaller lava tubes, which everyone seemed to like better. Except again, Cecilia became tired of walking, sat down, and refused to move. This time though, I told her to make a sad face and just started taking pictures. She quickly became irritated and continues the 100 steps back to the car. The last part of our trip was driving up to a view point to see the actual volcano. Harvey was so tired by this point; I had to bribe him with pop-cycles to persuade him to take a photo. Pop-cycles inspire good behavior in the Smith household year round.

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