Monday, August 3, 2009

The computer ate my homework.

Okay, I had the AWESOMEST picture ever of Harvey standing at the coffee table, but the computer ate it. Seriously, it was adorable, Harvey's snappi for his diaper had been misplaced (okay so it was in the bathroom where I left it after his bath, and I was just to lazy to go retrieve it.) So the result of the misplaced snappi was that every time Harvey stood up his diaper fell to his knees exposing his tiny dimpled buttocks. A baby plumber's crack. But the computer ate my photos.... well deleted them.

Instead I have for you this fish I drew.

I'm going to digitize it so i can put it in a swim suit. I think fish are appropriate for swim wear. I'll put up a picture of that when I finish it. Assuming of course that my computer lets me keep the photo.

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Anonymous said...

Leslie! Keith and Stacy had the baby today! Her name is Molly and she is blonde and has blue eyes, just like you said she would.