Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday: Appliances & Accidents

Not Me! Monday! is a place to make fun of some of the tings we wind up doing that we probably would rather not admit to. It was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week our water heater did not break. Our appliances are all top of the line and if for some reason we think something is wrong with one, then we replace them right away instead of waiting for something to actually go wrong. And I'd never have so many old appliances that there were bets going on to see which one would break down next. Nope not me!

Anyways, after trying to figure out how to restart the pilot light (because the water didn't break remember) someone did not suggest to her husband that perhaps we should just replace the water heater with a brand new one rather than trying to fix it. After all, the not broken one was old. Nope I'd never suggest a thing like that I'm much more frugal and environmentally conscious.

We did, however, wind up purchasing a new water heater. It has not taken ALL FREAKING WEEK to connect the plumbing in a way that does not leak (gush) water. I have not taken a weeks worth of showers at my friend's house because I'm too wussy to take a cold shower, and I most certainly did not sponge bathe my baby because for 2 days we had no water at all. Nope, not me! When things to break (not that it was broken mind you, we planned this) everything always goes smoothly back together.

I would also like to note that since everything went so smoothly there is no possible way that purple primer was spilled all over the kitchen floor and washing machine. Nope! That would never happen. We are ALWAYS aware of where we are and what we are doing. Accidents like that never happen in MY house.

Speaking of accidents that don't happen. There is no way that I nearly dropped my baby because a spider scared me. I'm not afraid of spiders one bit. Nope! Not me! Also, remember this room?
harveys socket
There is NO way that those outlets are STILL uncovered. Harvey certainly did not use one to stand up with and wind up electrocuting his tiny self. I pay MUCH better attention to him than that. No way would I be reading a book while he wandered around grabbing at random dangerous things. And if for some reason, all of this did happen, I would NEVER just cover the offending outlet by propping a framed photo in front of it. That would be lazy and irresponsible. Not me I'm never too interesting to find out the ending of a book to take the easy way out.

So what didn't you do this week?


The Thompsons said...

I would drop my kiddos because of spiders too..or snakes..or mice..or basically anything breathing in my house other than our family members :) Great blog! said...

I didn't leave 2 days of chartnotes undone whilst I went camping for 4 days, nope not me. I'm to conscientious to ever do that.
I am now typing mightily trying to remember last week.

Sarah Webb said...


I totally don't neglect my kids so I can spend hours on the Internet. Not me!

Anonymous said...

I think that every little boy needs to be electrocuted at least once in the processs of growing up.

I know I survived at least three electrocutions. If I was ever on death row and was going to be electrocuted then they would have a fairly hard time at it.