Wednesday, December 2, 2009

September Photo Shoot

Back in September, Harvey and I had our pics taken by J. Baer, a friend starting our with a photography business. I'm a little behind in my blogging, so sorry these are a bit out of season.

Harvey needed some encouragement before he was willing to have his picture taken.

He still wasn't sure about it at this point.

The giant leaves changed his mind though!

See this leaf mom? It's pretty.

This was my favorite picture from the group.

This was Captain's favorite shot.

Anyways, Aren't they adorable?! J. gave us a print of Harvey for his birthday, now we just need to find a frame.

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Jennie Baer said...

They were so fun to take. I wish I would have had more time, but we were freezing!

I'd love to do a shoot in my new studio!

love and hugs,