Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Picky Eater

My son ate pizza for the first time yesterday. While this may not excite most moms, I was ecstatic about it. See you may not know this, but Harvey is a picky eater , so I'm excited with all new foods he will eat.

What?! You don't believe me?

See for yourself.

Hello my name is Harvey and I am a picky eater.

Hi Harvey.

I've been a picky eater my whole life. It started right after I was born. I wouldn't take a pacifier or a bottle to calm down. Only grandma's fingers would do me.

I can count the things I am willing to eat on my fingers. Crackers, pretzels, cereal (which mom says all count as the same thing), Raisins, yogurt, cheese, chocolate, and pistachios.

That's it.

What's worse is, I'm picky about HOW I eat. No spoons for me please. On the floor if you please. With the cat if you don't mind.

Oh and don't help me with those, I'm saving them for later.

Please note that this is lucky charms cereal. Also notice how the majority of the marshmallows are gone already.


Anonymous said...

"Also notice how the majority of the marshmallows are gone already." Sounds like his mom...

T.J. said...

he he, love the bum shot :)