Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacay with the Fam

Harvey and I went on vacation to visit our family up in the Pac NW, while Captain was off training with the national guard. And, since most of the peeps who read this blog were there while these pics were taken, I'm gonna type about something else and let the pics stand for themselves.

Harvey is learning how to speak, and while I think he is a genius, I am aware that you all may need an English to Harvey dictionary.

Bah = Ball
Nonononono = No

Noh = Nose
BaBye = Bye bye

Puhpee = puppie

bahtol = bottel
juu = juice / drink

kihee = kitty
Cat = Cat
Poo = I need to use the toilet

whasit = what's this?
whasat = what's that?

Bahbe = baby
bahk = book
deeeeeees = please

yohgoot = yogurt
mama= mom

Waho = wow
Uhtoh! = uh-oh

There are probably more words that he knows at the moment, but mostly he says "uhuh" grabs our hands and points to what he wants. Love you guys!

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