Monday, August 23, 2010

Harvey's Shoe Fetish

Harvey likes grownup shoes and clothing. I have seen his put on his dad's shirts and my pants and then fall down on his face when he trips over the extra length. But the funniest thing for me is when he puts on our shoes and tries to walk around.

Putting on my old soccer cleats.
Trying the cleats out.
His dad's dirty sock from the laundry bin.
And of course, Dad's boots.

Sorry about the various stages of undress in these photos, Harvey is very messy and it is easier to clean him than his clothes.


Anonymous said...

I love it! He has such character. I understand the not wearing much concept, I'm pretty tired of cleaning my own shirts from the amount of spilling I do. And is he wet in that last set?

Washington Cowgirl said...

Leslie, you need to be more careful with that baby. Everyone knows how dangerous Captains' dirty socks are, they're a national hazard. Maybe Harvey is immune?

Athena said...

Haley, harvey is half of Captain so I think he is immuned to his socks, But Warning to all others do not touch the socks! sorry Leslie we forgot to warn you.