Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kitchen Island/Bar

We finally finished our kitchen island, and it is beautiful. I really wanted something where I could store my baking supplies (i.e. jumbo rolling pin & slipat mats). Also, for some reason chairs in the kitchen is one of my biggest pet peeves, so the bar side of the island was a must.

I won't way this was easy to build, but it is definitely doable. All you need is a saw, (table, miter, skill; it doesn't matter) drill, and a hammer (or a nail gun).

Okay so let's get on to the plans.
Obligatory google sketchup image

The first thing you need to realize is you can't cut all your pieces at once for this sucker. Due to the fact that the doors and back are pieced together everyone's island will be slightly different. Sorry folks, but I can't fix that. I will give you the measurements it *should* be in a perfect world, and then the measurement i actually needed. Oh but I can tell you how much wood to get.

(7) 1x4 16' long
(1) 1x6 8' long
(3) 1x12 16' long
(7) 1x2 6' long
(1) 4" post 8' long OR (2) turned stair banisters
(1) 2'x5' butcher block
(2) Sets door hinges
whatever other hardware you want, I used 2 handles for the top drawer.

Remember, always double check measurements before cutting
  1. cut (16) 33.25" segments from 1x4
  2. Lay the (16) segments end to end to for the back of the island & measure. In an ideal world this should be 56", mine actually turned out to be 56.75".
  3. Cut (2) back length segments MINUS 1.5" (mine was 55.25) from 1x12 (these become the top and bottom of the shelves in the island, referred to as BOARD A)
  4. Draw lines across boards 18" from each end
  5. Cut (2) 33.25" segments from 1x12 (These become the island sides) Draw lines across island sides 1.25" from bottom and 5.25 from top.
  6. Align top of BOARD A.1 to top line on sides, and bottom of BOARD A.2 to bottom line on sides. Attach together. This is the island frame

  7. Cut (2) 25.25" segments from 1x12
  8. Set inside the island frame, keeping exactly 18" space between. Attach together
  9. Cut (1-2) segments 18" from 1x12" board (these are the side shelves, I only used one, but you might want two)
  10. Set side shelve(s) in side cubby(s) and attach
  11. Measure center space (this will vary from island to island mine was 17.38"... I know weird)
  12. Cut (2) segments, center space length from 1x12" boards
  13. Insert in center space 1st board 8" from top, second board 16" from top and attach together.

  14. Lay island face down and attach back boards ( I used glue & nails) Draw guidelines if necessary

  15. Cut (2) segments back length from 1x4" boards.
  16. Align with top and bottom of back and attach.
  17. Cut (2) segments 31.75" from 1x2 boards
  18. Align flush with front edges of island, make sure to take trim to the floor, & attach (there will be a gap on the top for more trim)
  19. Cut (2) segments 21" from 1x2 board
  20. Align with center dividers, Keep center edges flush with the dividers, make sure to take trim to the floor.

  21. Cut (4) segments 16.5" from 1x2" boards. These are the trim for the door-ed cabinets
  22. For each side, align one segment flush with drawer shelf, and one segment flush with underside of island. Attach together

  23. Measure center space (mine was 17.5") Cut(4) segments center space length from 1x2 boards. These are the center shelves trim
  24. Lay all trim except bottom most flush with top of shelf. Lay bottom most trim flush with underside of island. Attach together

  25. Measure top distance and Cut (1) segment (mine was 56.75) from 1x2 board.
  26. Align edges flush and attach.

  27. Cut (4) segments 21" from 1x4" boards.
  28. Attach (2) to each side of island, one on top and one on bottom, Lay edges flush with the front of the island. There will be extra hanging out the back.

  29. Cut (2) 4" posts (or stair banisters) 33.25"
  30. Align & attach to side skirting.

  31. Measure distance from side to side on skirting & cut (1) segment from 1x4 board
  32. Attach to island
  33. Cut (2) segments 7.25" from 1x4" board
  34. Set next to insides of posts and back of island. Attach together, edge touching island will have to be glued.
  35. Cut (2) segments 5.5" from 1x4 board.
  36. Set in front of posts & attach

  37. Cut (2) segments 59" AND (2) segments 16" from 1x4 board
  38. Lay on top of Island, center boards and attach together.

  39. Measure across center of island, Cut (1) segment that length from 1x2" board
  40. Align flush with island back and attach.
Island Doors
I will give instructions for one door, just remember to do it twice
  1. Cut (5) segments 25.75" from 1x4 boards.
  2. lay one nest to each other & measure.
  3. Use this measurement to cut (2) segments from 1x2 boards.
  4. Lay 1x2 boards across the 1x4 boards 3" from ends and attach.

EXTRA: to get the "z" look shown in my photo take a 1x2 and cut one end at a 45 degree angle. Place it across the door and mark the other end. Cut at 45 degree angle and attach.

Island Drawer
This Drawer doesn't fit quite right... feel free to make adjustments. It is also meant to be used without slides.
  1. Cut (1) segment 50" from 1x12" board
  2. Cut (1) segment 50" from 1x4" board
  3. Attach 1x4 to 1x12 so that the 1x4 stets next to, not on top of, 1x12 board.
  4. Measure distance from front to back (mine was 12.25 and cut (2) segments from 1x4board
  5. Attach to sides
  6. Measure distance across front of island you want the drawer to cover, mine was 54.5"
  7. Cut (1) segment that length from 1x6 board
  8. Put drawer in island and center drawer front, Mark where front goes and remove. Attach together.
Finish whole island as desired. Paint, stain, crayons, whatever floats your boat. Once it is done attach the butcher block to the island.

If you have any questions leave it in the comments, or if you notice that I left something out please tell me and I will fix it.

Answers to Questions:

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your banisters-- I LOVE how chunky they are!

We purchased those specific banisters at Menards. But I imagine any lumber/ home improvement store will have something similar.
Anonymous said...

Thinking about helping my husband build this for our kitchen but could you please tell me the exact measurements? Thanks!

Well, as I wrote in the post, everyone's measurements will be slightly different due to the natural variations in finished lumber. My over all dimensions are 24" wide, 60" long, and35.5" tall.

Anonymous said...

How did you get the amazing "dirty" finish?

Sabrina said...

What color is this painted, its beautiful!

Thanks guys, I don't have the exact shade at the moment, but I will get it for you. It is walmart brand in a semi gloss. Then I brushed a minwax stain in Ebony 2718. Let it sit for a few minutes (you have to do this in sections) and then rub the excess off with a rag. I covered the whole thing in polyurethane.

Let me tell you this is NOT the right way to achieve this finish. If you want to try and recreate it get a GLAZE in a dark brown color. Stain doesn't every dry and gets on everything. You can find gllaze in the faux finish section in the paint department. I even have some, I just assumed stain would work... but it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your banisters-- I LOVE how chunky they are!

Curried Cupcakes said...

I picked those up at Menards. They are stair banisters, I bet home Depot or Lowes will have something similar too.

dougharvey8648 said...

Beautiful! I love the paint job.

Jessica said...

Love it! I really want one of these when I have the space one day!

Sabrina said...

What color is this painted, its beautiful!

Bethany @ b*spoke said...

Wow, I am so impressed!! Not only does your kitchen makeover look truly fabulous, but this island is AMAZING--truly, stunningly gorgeous. I'm not sure that I would have to confidence to attempt to build my own, but your plans are very clear and have me believing that it might just be doable, even for a non-carpenter like me.

You have such a lovely blog, thanks for "inviting me over"! Also, thanks for reading b*spoke. It's great to have you as a neighbor. :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking about helping my husband build this for our kitchen but could you please tell me the exact measurements? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the amazing "dirty" finish?

Kim J said...

Love the island! Gotta know where you found your butcher block top at??