Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moments with Harvey

So today, I ran into the grocery store to get two things. That was it. A quick in and out trip. Harvey was with me, and I had put him in one of those car carts. He loves them, they have a steering wheel and make noises. So again I was in a hurry and as we went past the deli Harvey LEANS out the car and starts pointing frantically. He wanted a cookie. Our grocery store give out free cookies to kids who ask nicely. But I mean Harvey isn't even 2 and he's only had a cookie once before when our friend (who happens to work there) got one for him. SO HOW IN THE WORLD DID DID THIS KID REMEMBER ABOUT THE COOKIE?

But anyways Harvey very nicely said "Cookie" to the lady behind the counter, and when I prompted him to say please, he yells out "DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE" Everyone in the entire store was able to hear that boy's need for cookies. Needless to say he got his cookie, I got my yogurt and we got out of there.


Judy K said...

What a polite young man!

Athena said...

You have harvey trained so well, this story made me laugh. thanks

Anonymous said...

AWE! How sweet! I love your stories and adventures with the little guy! Makes me look forward to adventures with Clara... :)