Friday, October 1, 2010

New Boots!

My new boots arrived in from DNA footwear on Thursday! Aren't they amazing?! I just love them. Just so you are aware I have been on the hunt for some adorably warm weather boots since February. That's right I have been searching stores, clearance racks, and online boutiques for 8 whole months. I had actually given up and purchased some of those rubber rain boots just to make do when I found these. (Don't worry I was able to return them)

Look even Harvey and Captain are excited for me. They knew how long I had searched and how important it was for my footsies to sty warm. Seriously though Harvey did chase me around for about an hour trying to unzip my zippers. Picture a 30" child desperately trying to push his mama's knees apart to get to those illusive red zippers.

These boots were EXACTLY what I was looking for in a pair of winter boots. For those of you who don't know us money is tight since Captain started school, so I was looking for a pair of boots that not only looked super amazingly adorable with my church dresses, would also keep my feet warm and dry and not slip when we have ice storms. I know it was a tall order. I wanted them to have a low wedge heel, but not be flat. ( side note Flat boots are one of the most uncomfortable things in my opinion, mostly because there is no shape so the foot just flops around inside) I wanted them to have narrow calves, and not make my ankles look gigantic. I wanted 100% leather exterior so that I can waterproof these suckers. We have lots of rain in the fall, and lots of Snow followed by weirdly warm weather that turns the snow into puddles. And lastly they had to be cute enough to wear to church because I'm not buying 2 pairs of boots.

The fact that I found these in red just made my day. Mostly because I find most black shoes to be boring, (seriously shoe manufactures, people like a little variety in their black shoes.) but most of my clothes are black, and none of them are brown. So red is an excellent compromise.

For the record, after trying these on I get why people wear leggings now. My loose kneed jeans kept bunching up above the boot. It was kinda uncomfortable. Luckily I found a pair of snug jeans at Kohls yesterday so I am ready for the fall weather.

So what are you on the hunt for for you fall wardrobe?!

I'm still looking for a Yellow Cardigan, and material to make me some plaid pants and a camel trench coat.


annalisag said...

I love them! They are so flipping adorable!! So glad you were able to find exactly what you wanted.

Stacy said...

very cute!!

dougharvey8648 said...

I like how Harvey has a death grip on Captain's cheeks.