Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Decorating

Every year a Christmas grows closer I start to think about decorating. This will be Captain and Mine's 6th Christmas together, and we still don't have many decorations. This is mostly due to the fact that we've spent the holidays with our family. But! now that we have a family of our own i think I should probably start decoration our own house. So these are the things I'm planning on making between now and ... well whenever I get done really. Let's face it Harvey is only 2 what does he care if the house is decorated other than a Christmas tree.

Anyways I really only have 3 things I want to make right now.
  • Christmas Stockings. For these I'm thinking about doing a white silk doupioni stocking with a red velvet cuff. I know, its crazy to make something that can't be washed, but I love how classic and elegant they would look. Also, I'm thinking about doing a Star inset onto these, same fabric, but with the nap of the fabric changing with every point.
  • Tree skirt. Something that matches the stocking, but with more decorations. Maybe i could embroider "Smith" onto it, or "Christ". I haven't decided yet really.
  • Ornaments. I've seen Paper Balls done with circles, or Stars done with long fabric strips, and felt ornaments all of which are cute. I'm just not sure where to start. Feel free to give input!
SO if you have links to decorating ideas you think I'd like PLEASE share them with me.
Seriously I need help with this, last year I put my jewelry on the Christmas tree to try and help fill it up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe making the tree skirt out of similar material, but sharing your favorite scripture on it and appliquing Christ or the Nativity scene or something. That's all I could think of. :)

Juline said...

I'm a little late, but try paper German stars. I learned how to make these in grammar school. Made with pretty paper, dipped in wax, and sprinkled with glitter or whatever, they would make a pretty and unique set of ornaments.