Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zoo Trip

Harvey's grandpa came to visit us for Halloween and the following Monday we decided to visit the zoo with some friends.

Grampa Doug and Harvey looking at some big cats. It took Harvey like 3 minutes to actually see them, but he thought they were pretty cool in the end.

Not as cool as the granola bar though.

Harvey and Owen checking out some zebras. Honestly though they were more interested in standing on the fence.

Owen Loves snakes. He saw this, stared in disbelief for a few moments then promptly sat down and said "My snake." He screamed when we left the statue.

Grampa and Harvey checking out the Penguins. They liked it when the penguins dove into the water.

Owen and Harvey plating with the globe that showed where the penguins could be found on the earth.

The zoo is pretty nice, they have peacocks and peahens that just wander around. Owen and Harvey kept trying to catch this set.

Jennie and the Boys on a gorilla statue. Neither of the boys wanted to stay on the thing. They just wanted to run.

In the end we had a very nice time. When Harvey and I came home and looked through these he said "papa" when the picks of grandpa showed up. it was pretty sweet.


dougharvey8648 said...

Man, I need some sunglasses.

Athena said...

Hes getting so big. Im glad you take so many pictures then we can see him grow.