Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 things I Love about Winter

  1. Ice cold water straight from the tap
  2. Harvey's sippys full of milk are still good in the morning when I forget to put them away
  3. Smores whenever I want
  4. Being about to cook without overheating the house
  5. Boots
  6. Cats curling up under the blankets with me to share heat
  7. no lawn mowing
  8. Hot coco
  9. Great excuse to stay inside all the time, Sorry Harvey we can't got to the park it's too cold.
  10. Increase in reading due to love #9
Every time I complain that I'm cold, I remember some things I love about this time of year. What are your favorite things about winter?

Harvey loves his warm baths.


Anonymous said...

I love Holiday sewing and decorating!

Athena said...

I love wrapping up in a blanket and staying there all night watching movies

Sarah Webb said...

I'd put hot showers on the list too. Showers seem more enjoyable to me in the winters.

I hate not being able to go to the park. It makes it harder to come up with ideas to entertain the kids.

But I'm definitely taking advantage of the hot chocolate thing! I think we've had some an average of every other day since mid-October!

Judy K said...

I love seeing kitty paw prints up the back of frosted car windshields :)