Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hey guys I just want you to take a look at something. My island was featured on Ana White's DIY furniture website. If you have minute go check it out.

I updated the plans from when I posted them here, and made them easier to understand... and I fixed a few errors.

If any of you have never heard of Ana's website, it used to be called Knock-Off-Wood and it is a community site that has hundreds of free easy to build plans.

Right now I am finishing up this one RECLAIMED-WOOD LOOK HEADBOARD, KING SIZE

All it needs is some sanding and some polyurathane to finish it up. When this is done we are planning on building the Puzzle Bookcase and if we have enough leftover wood from the two projects I'd like to make up 2 of the simple nightstands. It will be nice to have bedroom furniture for a change.

***Also I'd like to mention real quick that we will have our first giveaway here in the upcoming week!***