Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Hair

Okay, so this is a bit embarrassing. I haven't had a real hair cut since before Harvey was born. Don't get me wrong, I've had it trimmed, but there has been absolutely no style to it. Need some proof? Well then get ready for lots of old pics of myself.

Last decent Haircut. July 2007, for my BFF from college's wedding. This hair cut was fun and swishy and had lots of body. Cute but not really my style. And yes, I know I'm way to pale for it to be July, but I working full time and... AND we had just moved to the middle of humidity central so my body hadn't acclimated enough to brave stepping outside.

This is my hair as of December 2010. (More on this later) It's basically grown out from this.

October 2008, right before Harvey was born. I wanted one of those long bobs that is so popular now. But apparently my hair is too thick to look right in a bob. So it just kinda ... failed.

SO one of my goals for 2011 is a new hair style. Not just a cut, but a style that works with my lazy mom life. I need something that is easy to work with, can be pulled back in a pony tail in a pinch but looks wonderful when its just down. I mean seriously look at my hair It's long, thick, and shiny. This hair has SO much potential and I'm just not using it up properly. I almost never wear it down because it falls in my face, and the ends are just well... blunt and they stick out everywhere.

This is where you guys come in. My faithful blog readers, all 15 of you. I love you guys so much and i need your advice. What in the world should I do with my hair? I need pictures and words to give to whoever I find to cut it. I've tried searching on the internet for ideas, but ... seriously have you ever done that? It's all old 80's style hair and then Celebrities who have extensions and their looks would never really work in the real world. Can't we have a hair site with real hair cuts? Anyways.

These are the things I know I want.
  • Length: I'm really digging the length right now, it hits at my shoulder blades, and I really don't want to go much shorter
  • Texture: It has to stay straight. My hair is immune to curls of all kinds. I tried perming it once, I think I made it frizzy.
  • Style: my only requirement for this is I want to do my hair in less than 10 minutes. Every day, except for maybe Sundays and parties.... then we can spend 30. Blow drying doesn't count towards doing my hair.
  • No Bangs, unless you can give a really really really good reason. Long face framing layers might be acceptable. But really, I have done all sorts of bangs with my hair and it always looks the same.
Honestly, I promise I can't pull off bangs without looking 10. Even those awesome blown to the side bangs. Even Harvey doesn't like the way I look with bangs. Do you really want to make him suffer?

Sorry, I just knew I had to put a pic of Harvey in hear to keep your attention.

Before I end this ridiculously long self absorbed plea for help, I'll show you one more set of pics. This was the last time I LOVED my hair. Sorry for the blurry pics, blame my brother.
It was July 2006 and I actually went outside back then.

So please, let me know what you think. Get your friends input too. I'm up for most anything. Even high-lites or dyes. I need this before the next baby comes and I turn back into a walking milk dispenser.

Thanks a million.


AnnalisaG said...

Go with layers (like the last pics) and avoid getting too short of layers, like the kind to frame your face--not because it wouldn't look good, but more because it'd be difficult to braid and do all the cool, fancy things you do with your hair currently. And then, get some pretty highlights. I am a huge fan of highlights vs. dying your hair because highlights stay the same color and dye fades. Hope whatever you do that you love it!!

Juline said...

The next time you see someone -- ANYONE -- with hair like yours in a style you like, ASK them where they get it cut. Seriously. Your hair is beautiful!

Athena said...

I know that you want your hair cut but I love it long. if your going to cut it, you should try a messy layer, but all at the sametime you have more of a classy look to your face and style. hmmmmm.... if i see something I will send a picture to you.

ps when i read the card, i sat there looking at it thinking that you made a mistake by doubling up on harvey's name and then saying (harvey) baby smith. he wont be the baby for long. grandma just look at me with a face that was saying "is she really that stupid" its took me a second for it to click in my head.