Friday, April 29, 2011


We had the Allen's over for easter last week, and it was a lot of fun. Other than the extraordinary amount of tornado warnings and rain, it was a typical easter weekend.

Jennie tried to explain to Harvey and Owen the true reason we celebrate easter, and how it relates to candy. She did a great job actually, but the boys really didn't pay any attention. They were much too excited to be in the "off limits" room.
Both Harvey and Owen received the same baskets they had from the previous years. They were high on little toys and low on candy. BOTH little guys devoured their cadbury cream eggs as soon as thy found them. We may have taken the rest of the candy away at that point to try and have some normalcy for church.
After church and well needed naps, we all went and had an easter BBQ at the Baers. We had an impromptu egg hunt that went over so well the boys kept throwing the eggs back out so they could "find" them again.

FYI Easter BBQ is SOOOO much simpler than an Easter ham. This may become a tradition here in the Smith house.

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Jennifer Allen said...

Thanks for having us Leslie! It was tons of fun.