Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Week

Well, Lia has been in our home for a whole seven days now. So I'm going to share 7 thing about her with you today.
  1. Lia has a hair line like her daddy, a ring around the back and a tuft on top.
  2. Lia sleeps 23.75 hours of the day, even when she is eating. Especially when she is eating, actually it is so bad I have to remind her what she is doing to get her to finish and not let milk dribble down my belly.
  3. Lia has my feet, long narrow with curled under toes.
  4. Lia's jaundice is going away, YEAY no more blood draws!
  5. Lia cries when Harvey is crying. Luckily Harvey doesn't cry much anymore.
  6. Lia does not like diaper or clothes changes. She screams every time her diaper comes off.
  7. Lia had her first bath at home today. She screamed during that too, but since I did not knock her brain into the cabinet like I did with Harvey's first bath, I'll consider it a successful event.
Harvey is adjusting to having a baby in the house very well. He has only sat on her once, and that was an accident. He really loves all the new toys that we have brought in for her, particularly the swing. It is a very good thing this swing was already broken, because there is no way it would be working now after the abuse he has done to it.

Chloe sniffed Lia the first day she came home, and hasn't gone near her since.

This was Harvey today after no nap, going to the Dr's office for 2 hours, and then grocery shopping. The balloon was a reward for good behavior, and made up for all the other boring things though.

So, after one week, things seem to be settling down and we re getting back to normal. I'm excited to see what the next week brings.

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