Monday, November 21, 2011

Economy's So Bad, Even Clothes Are Too Expensive.

Finding nudity in odd places.

Harvey climbed into the bucket of future fish tank water. He was pleased with himself.

On a different day he climbed into the sink to take a bath.  I decided it was a good place to keep him out of my hair while  I cleaned in the kitchen.

Here we find Harvey brushing his teeth with two fists... in the middle of the day no less. he climbed up onto the sink so he could see his teeth in the mirror.

Not to be outdone by her brother, Cecilia frequently insists on some diaper free time. Every time we do this she manages to wiggle off her waterproof pad. Also, she has recently learned to roll over and is surprised when it happens.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute kiddos. I wish I had an apartment to be naked in...