Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos

First I would like to say,

❤ we love you very much 

In honor of this day I would like to dedicate these photos to you. For those of your who don't know our Logan, her favorite holiday is Halloween.

Friday was our ward trunk or treat party.

This year, the kiddos wore hand me down costumes. Yes, I could have made them, but I didn't. They still looked adorable.  Cecilia went as a bear in hibernation for most of the evening.

Harvey dressed as a dinosaur hopped up on way too much sugar. Having braved the activity myself this time, I now have a greater appreciation for Captain. He normally is the one who follows Harvey around during these things.

I only did my hair and makeup for the party. It was because I knew Lia would be in her sling for most of the evening. The makeup is a stylized skeleton done in the sugar skull style that is popular in Mexico.  The ringlets were accomplished with rag curlers. It took 2 hours to put them in, 14 hours to dry and forty five minutes to let them down.

Ha so, seriously Cecilia wasn't concerned one bit about the way I looked. She was all, "Hey mom you have something on your face. I'm gonna eat now. Nom nom nom." Harvey on the other hand, backed away slowly before hiding in his bed. He was mildly concerned about the odd person opening his bedroom door. Oh and Harvey learned a new word today; Scary. He kept telling me things were scary. The cows were scary, my face was scary, the scarecrow was funny scary. The scariest thing for him was when he was trick or treating. Something grabbed his hand as he reached into the candy bucket. It was just a friend, but Harvey was totally freaked out. He wasn't willing to reach back in there even for a handful of candy. 

So that was our Halloween.
Happy Birthday Logan.


Athena said...

Thank you, All of you look wonderful. I hope Harvey got enough candy even though he did not get that one bucket.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you put up pictures, I've been noticing your makeup pins on Pinterest and wanted to see what you did. Looks fabulous!

Judy K said...

I'd say scarey too . This might be a duplicate

Papa said...

Awesome! Great costumes. The picture of you looking at Lia is my favorite. Harvey is way too cute.