Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love My New Vaccum

Introducing the newest member of the smith household, Ginka the wonder pup!

We picked Ginka up from the airport on Saturday and she has melded right into our little family. She is a full blood german shepherd and only 9 weeks old.

Cecilia loves this little dog, and the new toys she has brought in. It is a bit of a struggle to keep the dogs toys with the puppy and the baby toys with the baby.

Lia and Ginka also super duper love each other, but it is an unhealthy relationship. Cecilia is constantly pulling Ginka's fur and Ginka gets so exited to lick up old bananas she knocks the baby down. We have to separate them for their own good.

Harvey, on the other hand, is much to big to be knocked over by this wee pup. For now.  They have had so much fun racing around the house these past few days.

The only one unhappy about the new puppy is our cat. It took her 2 whole days before she would even come near Ginka, and even then it was only to hiss and spit her displeasure.

Ginka though has been very good at ignoring Chloe. She hasn't barked or chased after even once. I'm not sure how long that will last, but for now it is a good thing.

Ginka's name comes from the Girl Genius Comics. Madame Ginka is a general in the Jagger army. Anyway, the name seems to suit her. Also, Ginka is wearing Flash's old harness. That was a fat cat.

We love our new puppy!


Anonymous said...

I recognized the harness! Cute puppy!

Doug Harvey said...

beautiful pup

Judy K said...

Love the use of the chew toys :)