Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 YEAY! We made it! All 2.1 miles of our regular walk was walked tonight, only this time we had to go back and forth to knock on doors. It took twice as long this way. The kids were real sports. Cecilia made it about half way before having a melt down that was only consoled by being carried. Harvey made it to the last quarter mile before saying he was tired and was done treating.

Harvey and Cecilia dressed up as Thing one and Thing two. Captain wore the same hat as the cat, and I had the nagging fish on my shirt.  Ginka refused to wear anything.

Oh and speaking of Ginka, while she enjoyed the walk, she hated being left behind while the kids and captain went to knock on doors. She whined at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE. It was good sitting still practice for her.

Last Friday we went to the ward trunk or treat. Consequently Harvey thought we would be doing the same thing today. He was fairly upset that we didn't get into the car, but warmed up after our first visit to the neighbors. Linda and George do tend to spoil him after all. Harvey then figured out pretty fast though to look for houses with lights on.

That was our Halloween. I hope you all are doing alright with whatever kind of weather you are having tonight.


Anonymous said...

That is great! Mars

Doug Harvey said...

so cute