Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still Here

Not much going on right now.

Harvey raids the pantry while we are all sleeping, but yesterday when I told him I love him he said "Thank you mama, I love you too." Right now we are in a battle of wills over two things. Firstly, I want him to clean his room. I don't mind helping, but he has to participate. He is not allowed to visit Linda and George till his room is all clean. He does not like this arrangement. It has been going on 5 days now. Secondly, if he wants a cupcake, he has to eat a vegetable.  Poor kid

Cecilia has no problem eating her veggies. She eats everything with much gusto, and leaves evidence on her face making her look like a ragamuffin all the time. Our only argument is over whether or not the litter box can double and a sand pit. I keep trying to explain to her about germs, but she will have none of it. I'm pretty sure i'm going to lose this one. Captain and I are planing on making a toddler proof one over Christmas break.

And here is my only picture I have taken that is in focus from the last week.

See? Ragamuffin. The crazy hair isn't helping any either.

Ginka has almost completely stopped knocking over kids, well on purpose anyway. She still gets overly excited and has a squirmy tail end that gets in the way sometimes.

Captain is in the middle of school. Midterms are coming up I think. Still, it is his last semester of classes so that has to count for something.

Me? Well, I'm still mostly sleeping when i should be doing other things, but it seems to be not as urgent now. We got the house clean for the first time in a month. Well ok, we cleaned the parts people see. There is still laundry piled up in my bedroom. The problem is, If i wash it i have to fold it and then put it away. However, Harvey is wearing his very last clean pair of pants and If i don't do something today he will insist on wearing shorts. And then i will have lost the whole "we don't wear shorts in winter" battle.

So off to laundry I go. Maybe I can convince Cecilia that play dough is just as fun as kitty litter.

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