Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm a bit behind in posting, so this week I'm going to try and catch up. So, Memorial day weekend was a lot of fun for us, we wen to the parade, went on some rides at Herrin Fest and came home for funnel cake and fireworks.
This is the very first time we have ever done fireworks. The kids were very impressed.

Our friends came over, this one is Claire.

We also had some snap pops.

We threw them at the sidewalk.

We had to make sure the kids stayed far apart with the sparklers. We didn't want any singed hair or skin.

Cecilia, Parker, Clair, and Harvey has a great time. Their parents were a bit more stressed about keeping everyone safe.

Everyone wanted more snap pops.

Harvey and Cecilia kept wanting to touch the flame.

Harvey actually burnt his finger on the first one. He was a bit afraid after that, but the awesomeness of fireworks won him over in the end.

The parade was nice too. The kiddos figured out that waving = candy very quickly.

Cecilia tasted about 5 different suckers and finished 0.

We wound up leaving early because it was a very long parade. The kids didn't mind at all.

We had a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

That looked like the kids had a wonderful time with new experiences. Family and Friends make good company.

Unknown said...

Candy and parades! Your babies are beautiful!