Sunday, June 23, 2013

My baby turned 2

Cecilia turned 2 years old on May 19th. My baby girl is now a toddler.

She is not normally this shy.

We made a kitty cake for the occasion. I cut up some graham crackers for the ears.

Cecilia didn't want anything to do with the candles, so Harvey was kind enough to blow them out. We sang Happy Birthday over Google chat with PopPop.

We had a family only party. Auntie Rachel and Uncle James came and brought Cecilia some summer gear. She insisted on wearing it immediately.  

Some things about 2 year old Cecilia:

  •  has no fear.
  •  loves bugs, worms, snakes, and kitties.
  • would do anything Harvey asks of her
  • enjoys singing
  • likes learning new words
  • her hair is still curly and blonde 
  • weighs 25 pounds

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