Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roller Coaster

So a friend is letting us borrow this baby roller coaster.

Harvey immediately started liking it and he didn't even know what to do with it yet.

He just sat there trusting that anything with wheels would be a blast

Don't worry, Harvey was not disappointed.


Harvey now pushes the coaster cart around the house until one of us stops what we are doing and pushes him back and forth along the track. I can't wait till he can get on and off it himself.


Bryce Dale Allen said...

Looks like fun! I love Harvey's happy face. Maybe when we get back Owen will be willing to push him around on it.

Betty Jo said...

What a delightful pic. Such innocence and life to behold.

I love it.

Judy K said...

What a smile of glee!

Anonymous said...

How can you have a bad day when you see that big ole grin! What a great picture of him!

Norm said...

What a nice friend you have! You caught Harvey's glee perfectly! How fun for you all. I love seeing you all so happy.

Washington Cowgirl said...

That does it, I'm stealing that baby. And his coaster!